Thursday, December 28, 2006

Power of the Press


I have always been amazed at the reasons things make the news. For example, a press conference simple to tell reporters, "I don't have anything to tell you, so stop askiing". Um, why in the world didn't you issue No Comment to the phone calls?

What is truly mindboggling is when a show is interrupted for "Breaking News'. First of all, if it's been the same story discussed at length the last hour, BREAKING is the wrong title. Save it for when the story first breaks. Here, Oprah is on the hour right before local news (4pm is a newscast, but not the same channel). More than once, the last fifteen minutes have been pre-empted for a 'Special Report'. Folks, news stations have two ways to fix this. One is split screen, so I can SEE Oprah. Second is the 'crawl', the ticker-tape which slowly shoots across the bottom of the screen. 24 Hour cable news channels know this last trick well. The next stopping point is perfect to talk about something which happened. Especially if what is on schedule is a repeat, no matter whether it's Survivor or Larry King Live.
Which reminds me - when one story dominates the broadcast or is the WHOLE story, others get missed. USA Today online didn't bother putting up President Ford's death when it happened, but the next day, when presumably people were around to put up stories, polar bears topped the list! Sadaam Hussein's letter resigning himself to hanging (or that last item as well) was ignored too. Oops!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Boston Legal has taken a break


Smart. If all Sept. premieres had a new episode each week, the season would finish in Jan. rather than May. Due to award shows, BL has a repeat this month, but nothing new for a few weeks. CSI:NY finally got to a repeat. It runs a new episode this week, and that should be it for the month. Good place to stop, with Sasha Cohen, the figure skater, and Marlee Matlin, the Reasonable Doubts actress who won an Oscar for Children of a Lesser God as guest stars. BL could go anywhere at this point, but I will say CSINY fans should know the characters are going to get personal this season. We've already seen Hawkes reminded of his past, and Mac romantically involved. Flack is back, and Stella has seemingly recovered from shooting her boyfriend. Danny stepped up to the plate last week-Watch for "Raising Shane" to repeat if you missed. Anna Belknap, who plays Lindsay is pregnant, so her role is not as heavy right now. Who opens up to viewers next? Wait and watch....

A few household hints


With the season driving people batty, I thought I'd share a few things to make it just a little easier.

1. When you finish a can of something, fill with water and seal- with lid if available. I realize metal cans are opened with a can opener and lids tossed in the trash. Don't get it out, just fill. Leave overnight. Next day, dump out water and can is 99% clean. Also works on jars or mugs.

2. Dryer not quite getting clothes wrinkle free? Run the dryer once more, only this time, throw in a damp (not sodden) washcloth. The dryer acts as a steamer and solves problem.

3. Bread dough is in the freezer section, ready to go. Just thaw, let rise, and cook. One tip: to rise, cover with plastic wrap. When cooking, take wrap off first. It just may peel off if you don't, but finding it again to pull off is tricky.

4. Grocery stores have prepared stuff which takes little or no effort to fix. Better yet, divide up the food if you have guests over.

Shopping season


Two words if you plan to have an event where people need gifts in December-HOT cider. I realize here in the South frigid is not until about January, but cold enough to require coats means coming indoors will warm up extremities, FAST. Which equals something in the way of pain. Cookies don't help.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

My take on the UCLA tasering


Lisa W has expressed her thoughts on this already, and she appears to be the first blogger to do so.

For a video of what the incident was, go here.

I just had to put down a few thoughts of my own. While the investigation may still ongoing, I would hate to openly speculate and interfere with a future trial. However, why in the world would anybody not have ID as long as they are on campus? I remember being in college back in the day, and this one piece of school property was CRITICAL in more ways than one. Now, I realize I graduated from a military institution, and things were a lot different. Seems to me checking all ID's rather than just one person if there is a group at a table is a smart move, IMO.
BTW, tasers used for people with medical conditions are lawsuits waiting to happen.
The school needs to check things out and make sure the officers were not in the wrong, but students need to be prepared to follow the rules.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Adventures with Uga


Every month for several, the town I live in has what's known as Alive After Five. It means businesses stay open later, special deals on certain store merchandise, along with refreshments in more than a few places. I enjoy browsing through stores, and generally eat enough for dinner out. Since I have a party where an ornament exchange occurs, thought I might poke around my favorite store in town and see what they had.

I wasn't disappointed. Out of all booths, a couple had what I needed. One is all college stuff, mostly southern places obviously. Up front and center? You guessed it, UGA. I saw a stuffed team mascot with 'press me' on a paw. Figured fight song on it. Yep. What I failed to notice was that the wiring system made it equipped to roll down a surface with head rotating from side to side. Don't worry, I caught Uga seconds after he went airborne. Although he was too pricey for me to take home, was that a hint UGA is in my future?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bye Bye Boston


After an almost breakneck speed of writing televsion articles, I'll finally get a break after this week upcoming. Boston Legal will go on hiatus for three weeks then do a two parter within the last week of November. Which may mean another break after that. While I don't have too much of a problem composing these, the time spent not having to get them up on Blogcritics helps me keep my sanity. I take copious notes during the program (meaning I miss half the show in process) then have to divide them out into storylines. Started grouping so all of a storyline is together. Keep notes nearby when typing things up should I need a reference. Know where to find the past episode mentions if they fit. At least, I know what they refer to, if not the title. Those come last when they go into the Blogcritics hopper. Sometimes the title is written a certain way, which requires a double check. Who was that guest star? Most of the time, nobody special. Certain ones are recurring, which means they show up often enough so viewers recognize them immediately. Others stand out because they are celebrities. Know who Kevin Bacon is? Of course! Those draw in viewers. Publicity people get those out well ahead of time-I make an effort to note those so I make mention later.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's that time again


Elections are about two weeks away. Actually, two more Tuesdays. I recently found out that all candidates are going to be on the ballot, so one does not have to declare a party. The latter is onyl for primaries. Whew! For the most part, these are state positions. I can only think of one Congress person whose term might be up. Here-we got a little funky. A Senator died, so a former one (also a past governor) took his place. When elections hit, yet another stepped in. Isn't it about time for a turnover of some of these seats?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fall premiere week


CSI started tonight, as did several other shows did this week. Both Boston Legal and CSI:NY are now on the Blogcritics site. Basically, it will wrap up Sunday with Housewives opening for Sons and Daughters. Since neither of my reviews was put on 'hold' by an editor, my touch has improved.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where do I go to re-charge my brain?


I replied to a blog post (someone else's) and managed to refer to UGA's resident furball Uga as cute. Yikes! I will say he is much better looking than West Kentucky's mascot. Did you know UGA has had a bulldog mascot for fifty years? Not the same one, obviously. Although it is the same family who has been raising Uga-lees (Tech's nickname).

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I know just how she feels


Okay, I never applied to the school in question. Half my high school attending was a good part of the problem. However, I freely admit that I probably could have gotten in had I done so. Now would be tricky.
Not keen on the football team, but the mascot could be considered cute. Although I believe the reason bulldogs are chosen has do to do with tenacity than looks. Know Yale and Mississippi State have this furball, yet they look more like bulldogs tend to, with double colors of brown and white.

Dumb Criminals 1003

Rescue my cat or I�ll shoot! - Criminal Peculiarity -

Oh good grief. This man should have a double charge since he called out the fire department on false charges. Cats climb, people. If they got up, they can well come down.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Ugly Indeed


Get over it people. You packed too heavy to begin with, and London is better at security. When media decides the people have a right to know, the terrorists are one step closer. Law abiding citizens are of no interest to federal agents.

And you got your terrorism degree from where?


Islamic extremists. Let me define that for you. Muslims with an Islamic faith + behavior so far off typical that attention must be paid.

NOW: Folks, terror is created by people FEW not majority. On Sept 11, Muslims in this country (and we do have them) were horrifed at events. Same for the London bombings. Are ALL Muslims guilty of terrorism? NO. Are most? NO. I agree those two could have, and should have, waited their turn patiently. Boarding has a pattern made to get people on quickly. If you have to question whether Arabic is being spoken, you don't have ANY right to make the call. Besides, there's a good chance an air marshal is on the plane. Which reminds me-they need to overhaul their system, they aren't as invisible as they think. In fact, they make themselves spotted way too easily.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

And new baby Makes Three

Planned to do this last night, but computer caught spyware and threw more than a few fits. Kelley had her baby this week, making her the Blightess of three. Mother and baby doing fine, now in recovery mode. Jawga Bloggers are going to have their hands full-it takes time to develop a taste for Artillery Punch ; )

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Prayer sessions a problem

Family faces eviction for loud night prayers - Yahoo! News

Egad. I realize this family is one of great faith, but I have to take issue with what the father said. Loud noise the most effective guard against the devil? WRONG!!! The prayers are the most important part, not how loud one says them. The landlord would be justifed in this case to evict this family. They obviously only care about themselves.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Questioning Meme Part 2


Thunderstorm made me have to get off computer. As a writer, my offline files are essential. As a journalist, the Net is critical. has another version of this posts questions and the post previous.

Do you have siblings? Define the term. My family has had exchange students, so I have three "sisters". None is terms of biological.
Are you shy around the opposite sex? Nope, in fact I make friends with the opposite sex much more easily.
Of which movie do you know every line? none, but I can tell you lines from various ones.
Do you own any band T-shirts? uh uh, I would rather have the CD.
What's your fave salad dressing? Ranch
Dod you read books for fun? yes, although I read Blogcritics books for fun and work
Do you cry a lot? Nope, takes much to make me cry, and when I do, it's generally alone
Who was the last person to text you? Forget that, more likely to get voice mail msgs
Do you own a desktop or laptop? Desk
Do you want any piercings or tattoos? My ears are perfect as they are
How's the weather? HOT with occasional showers
Would you date someone covered in tattoos? Maybe. Depends on the person
Should sex come before marriage? yes, it gives you something to look forward to
When did you last sleep on the floor? Before I moved out to be on my own
How many hours of sleep do you need to function? not much.
Are you in love or lust with another person? nope
Are your days full and fast paced? when reviewing, yes. Blanks on calendar fill up too easily
Do you pay attention to calories? need all I can get since I nibble throughout day
How old will you be on your next birthday? 35
Are you picky about spelling and grammar? I have an English degree. What do you think?
Have you ever been to Six Flags? yes, although I would not pay the ticket price now
Do you like cottage cheese? Yuk! Cream cheese better
Do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach? All due to toss & turn
Have you ever bid on Ebay? no
Do you enjoy giving hugs? yes, to people I'm close to
What is the last song you sung aloud? a church praise song
What is your fave tv show? CSI:NY
Do you ever get butterflies in your stomach? around total strangers
Which celebrity, dead or alive, would you like to have lunch with? roundtable with James Spader Gary Sinise and Barbara Walters
What is the one thing you wish you had? only one?
What are your fave lyrics? the ones of the song I'm listening to

The time of the questioning meme


Found a new meme to share with you here. Dash borrowed from a couple of others. so I'm continuing the circle. In the interest of length and my own schedule, going to make this more than one post.

Curse word used most? Got rid of those once I left Fort Knox
Own Ipod? No. use computer CD drive. Makes much more sense
MySpace "Top 8" talked to most? No one.
Time alarm set for? 6am, ignored most days
Color of room? Assume bedroom. White though spread has pink and green. Pillows too
Flip flops or sneaks? Sneaks. Would go barefoot if I can get away with it
Enjoy taking pics or being in them? taking
Last movie watched? Chronicles of Narnia
Friends with kids? To a point. not all are married
Would people call you lazy? no
Take medications to sleep? no
Which CD is in player? Cirque De Soleil Delirium
Regular or chocolate milk? Chocolate-I'll actually drink THAT
Has someone told you a secret this week? Not yet
Have you ever given someone a hickey? EEWWWW!!!!! no
Who was the last person to call you? A girl I went to high school with and lives in NC
Have people talked about you behind your back? oh yes
Did you watch cartoons as a child? Of course. Think my faves were the Justice League, these are the movies I tend to prefer. Toons or animated

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wading through the spamming logjam


Tried to update my link list, and Blogger finally stepped up. Three blogs, and two had spam messages. Not from me. Dax had to approve my comment, due to my name being on a list. okaaaaayyy........ One comment went through, but is awaiting approval. Another refused to let me leave a comment due to high amount of spamming.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Funky Times Ahead


Changed template, and lost customizations. Took me a minute to figure out those were links and the comment banner. Never fear, comments are still there, but where Blogger has a link, not where I tired to put them. And why is my URL above the Blogarama? Not sure what that last thing is, but working on the redo.
Links disappearing gave me a chance to consider which bloggers should go on it. I use some as jump-offs. Such as Kelley. I read hers, and look at her sidebar to see who updated their blogs. (Not sure how to set mine up to) She is busy with a job and new baby on the way, so Chrissy serves the purpose with her comments. Occasionally, I get introduced to new bloggers, like Lisa. So I made my list, and made notes where double checking needed. Eventually, I will get added to more blogrolls.

Monday, August 07, 2006

My Droopy Eyed Heaven


Awww! As you can see, although I am one of the Jawga bloggers, I do not share in the same university where the funky spelling came from. In fact, my mascot was another dog entirely-the St. Bernard. Go watch Beethoven for a visual of that critter.

Here we go again


Tomorrow is various political runoffs for legislative positions in Georgia. Not all places, but certain state and national seats. Let's see-how many dodo brains will put Cynthia McKinney back in office? My phone already rang with someone volunteering for Jim Martin- Dem challenger. Doesn't anybody realize votes can switch between primary and November? People did exactly that to ensure Ralph Reed did not get office.
Am reminded of the commenter in AJC where someone said voting is privilege, not right. People got upset, and quoted relevant parts of Constitution. Ahem. Let me step in here. You have to be 18, number one. A U.S. citizen (assuming legal preferred) for another. Now, having said these things, I find it hard to consider "rights" as such when they can be taken away. Ever heard of a felony, folks? Two immediate consequences are lose the ability to cast a vote, and own a firearm. Which means the 2nd Amendment is out the window as well.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Middle East Mess


No, not the Iraq one. I have just one question for Israel: why in the world didn't you go fetch your soldiers before firing those rockets? If I recall correctly, your intelligence department is one of the best in the world. Mossad happens to be why. With all the Americans who were around when buildings started to collapse, you had to know the U.S. would be FORCED to step in at some point. BTW, when people need to get out of dangerous situations, shattering the airport into smithereens only makes you look bad.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

With Friends like this....


Had to steal this from Elisson due to its high quality content.

When I read the comments, my reaction was similar to that of Eric's. Out of all people, I only recognize one. The blonde is Key Monroe. I'm guessing Eric is at far right. Velociman is in there somewhere, too. Think he should be either in front of Key or directly behind. If not, second one from left. This will teach me not to attend blogmeets. Do know they are together because Acidman recently passed on. It's likely I have read their blogs regularly. A couple have put me on blogrolls. I've only actually met two in person. Kelley and I went to high school together. She only lives about one town over. I met Thomas when he performed a "Shakespeare in the Park" thing at City Hall.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Don't they have enough to do?


It seems our lawmakers in D.C. have found yet another cause to wring their hands over.;_ylt=AvwtyQrNy84W02pQBDroAx5xFb8C;_ylu=X3oDMTA2Z2szazkxBHNlYwN0bQ--
I'll do my best not to remind them of the Iraq invasion. However, this is on the equivalency of the flag burning amendment or the gay marriage issue. Not something to take up the time. So the movie got a slightly higher rating. The moviemakers are offended, but talk about sour grapes. Now, I'll be the first to admit I haven't seen the movie, but I have a feeling there is more involved than simply a coach talking about God. After this IS teenagers we're talking about, right? Do the football players go home after practice and have all night prayer sessions? I doubt it. And their lives outside the sports arena are probably a little complicated. As a college cheerleader myself, I know mine was.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Did they see it coming?


In case you have not yet heard, the blogospshere lost one of its most grouchy critics.

Rob was one to read with a pound of salt, but he made you both smile and think. Yes, people might get angry. But he never cared what others thought. Fortunately. I found out as others did, through posts on blogs. They provided a link, so it seems it is not an urban legend. No evidence of foul play, and for those who had cause for concern also heard answering machine messages which led them to believe all was well. Incidentally, computer kept picking up comments. Details are sketchy, but it looks like illness. A memorial is planned, and there is word bloggers are going to participate. I'll let you know when I do.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Florida Craziness


Carl Haissen must be having a field day. First it was that jail riot where guards had sex with female prisoners, which they shouldn't have, in exchange for drugs and other contraband. Just how desperate were these people? Then this gem I found at another blogger's site: had to look up article to see the background.

Some poor reporter was doing a story, and the way he packed up afterwards led TSA personnel to suspect he might have had a bomb! Oops.

Can empathize. I once put a bunch of rocks in my carryon, and it looked suspicious. Once the bag was dug through, I was able to prove there was nothing amiss.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Thoughts run amok


Seeing how the controversy over Dan Brown's The Davinci Code has grown and grown, I remembered I had one of his books. While I am not ready to read The DaVinci Code yet, I wanted to see what his style of writing looked like.
Digital Fortress is a fictional tale centered around the National Security Agency. Yes, we have one. Condi Rice used to head it. Anyway, no secrets relating to National Security were told. Did bring up one point which has not left my head. Especially in view of wiretapping mess. Since the NSA deals in codes (they have a website), idea was put forth for an ability to read peoples' email and seal it without persons being aware. Hmmm...
wouldn't there be certain words to look for? Same problem as blocking out websites due to content. Stop breast from getting through, and you also delete recipes using chicken breasts. Not to mention breast cancer info. Oops! So how does one differentiate between a terrorist sleeper cell and an online history class talking about the ways in which terrorism flourishes?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Who said this would be easy?


So much for a page a day. Life tends to get in the way of writing a book. If that isn't depressing enough, someone told me it takes about three handwritten pages to equal one typed. Which means-I have a little over three pages! However, I can look at my stack and see progress. I know the characters like the back of my hand, for the most part anyway. I have thirteen to juggle. By making a prologue, it helped me back to where the story always started from. Managed to throw in a few extra characters while I was at it. Here's my problem-getting ideas from all over. But do they fit in where my pages are? Not really. Maybe a separate page to stick in later?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Meme 1001


Since I am required to maintain this as a Blogcritic, every so often I borrow from the Net. I found this meme going around. For a completely different perspective, Richmond has answered with her own background and viewpoint here

Of course, I do these memes in hopes I will be added to blogrolls, hint, hint....

Have you ever been searched by the cops? No
Have you ever closed your eyes on a roller coaster? No, but I hold on tight!
When was the last time you went sledding? At least a couple of decades ago
Do you prefer to sleep alone, or with someone else? Depends on the else
Do you believe in ghosts? Yes
Do you consider yourself creative? When it comes to writing
Do you think O.J. killed his wife? Reasonable assumption
Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie? Aniston
Do you know how to play poker? Daddy taught me himself
Can you honestly say you know anything about politics? Yep-I consider voting a priviliege and make sure my vote is counted. One of my relatives was once Gov. of Ga.
What is your favorite comercial? Bud Weis er frogs
Who was your first love? nobody. I just dated
If you were driving in the middle of the night without anyone around, do you run a red light? No. That would be the one time the cops were around the corner
Do you have a secret nobody else knows but you? Duh!
Boston Sox or Yankees? Not a baseball fan, but the Sox.
Ever been ice skating? yes
How often do you remember dreams? If they happen right before I am about to wake up, vividly
What is the one thing on your mind? The book I am working on
Do you always wear your belt? yes
What is the one talent you wish you had? clairvoyance
Do you like Sushi? Never had it
What do you wear to bed? Honestly think I am answering that?
If you could sleep with a famous person, who would you choose? James Spader comes to mind....
Do you know anyone in jail? No
what is the food you find disgusting? mushrooms
Have you ever made fun of friends behind their backs? No
Do you believer in angels and demons? yes

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What keeps me Going


Parents took annual trip overseas for a month and a half. It's a regular business, you can find out more here. Am I dismayed not to go? Not really-Italy does not interest me much. Besides, I have 3 parakeets to take care of. Why so long? One month expected, but an exchange student is getting married, takes some time. She and I weren't close, so I am letting my parents attend for me-most of the time she was here, I was in college. Needless to say.... parents taking week long trips by themselves also adds time.
So I have my reviews for Blogcritics to do. Yes, even beyond tv season. I keep items I review and do not have spare cash to buy. Makes up for non payment of fees, esp. hardcover books. What do I do? Er, that. It's a job, try it yourself if you don't believe me. I'm autistic, note I did not say I have autism, sends wrong message. Asperger's Syndrome deals with social interaction, or how I act and react to others. Y'all can Google.... Two words for an paying job-office politics. Am writing a book-there, I said it. Was going to pen one about having AS so children would understand. My heart is not there, so writing what has been in my head and heart for years. Have more and more respect for those who make it their profession. Each word and each page gives the voice which demands how I how I can presume to think author the cold shoulder. I can write, no question. It's the putting things together which is tricky. As for income, my family is working on way to get me disability. Not ashamed, just the way it is.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Topics-My Opinion


With elections coming this year, I plan to step up and vote. After all, the people in office are supposed to be there because they represent my interests. Although.... who was the brainiac which thought primaries had to be on separate tickets? Seems to me coding could be set up to show who was with which party. Computer reads and tallies accordingly, yes, paper trail. Now then, it behooves me to double check my selections when steps are completed. If a problem exists, go backwards and change what was wrong. Or, ask for help. This is where Florida got in trouble.

Two issues on the ballot. Gas prices, which are not exactly in our control. But- illegal immigration is a big one. Now, I realize it is a bit more complicated than what we have been led to believe. For instance, some of those here "illegally" started out legal, just did not go back to wherever they came from when visa ran out. Talking green card here. Yes, I know Mexico sucks. Fox needs to be run out on a rail. But if those protests were staged back in that country, guess what? A real difference could be made. Americans contribute by refusing to do certain jobs, as in domestics or food gatherers. And we wonder why unemployment exists?! Honestly.

Hot Topics-My Opinion


With elections coming this year, I plan to step up and vote. After all, the people in office are supposed to be there because they represent my interests. Although.... who was the brainiac which thought primaries had to be on separate tickets? Seems to me coding could be set up to show who was with which party. Computer reads and tallies accordingly, yes, paper trail. Now then, it behooves me to double check my selections when steps are completed. If a problem exists, go backwards and change what was wrong. Or, ask for help. This is where Florida got in trouble.

Two issues on the ballot. Gas prices, which are not exactly in our control. But- illegal immigration is a big one. Now, I realize it is a bit more complicated than what we have been led to believe. For instance, some of those here "illegally" started out legal, just did not go back to wherever they came from when visa ran out. Talking green card here. Yes, I know Mexico sucks. Fox needs to be run out on a rail. But if those protests were staged back in that country, guess what? A real difference could be made. Americans contribute by refusing to do certain jobs, as in domestics or food gatherers. and we wonder why unemployment exists?! Honestly.

Saturday, May 27, 2006



Just got my newest selection from Blogcritics. Talk about one serious paperweight. Harry Potter slightly smaller comes to mind. This could take me all summer to finish...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

CSI:Miami Mole revealed!


Okay, so it wasn't Valera, as the promos suggested. Still.... what should have been shown was the Feds entering the lab, stop there. So, is Eva LaRue coming back next season? Should be, but I think she could also not be around long. And why did H and Erik leave for Brazil without hearing about Natalia and Monica? Okay, I know part of that. Yelina and family there. Which is H's family too.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Moonbats in Miami


Great swallowing horny toads! First the CSI:Miami gave away what is perhaps the greatest mystery of the last half of the season-the identity of the mole. Even actors know better than this-the episode finishing the finale is not out yet! Just hope people weren't paying attention. Am not saying for obvious reasons.
Worse yet, they show a promo the night before the episode airs, it was for the week before! They seem to have fixed that, but where I come from, this series of actions is called a brain fart.

Saturday, May 20, 2006



TV season is over! For my reviews, anyway. Note to Boston Legal writers, when you have a two hour show, should have scenes from both hours in promos. Not just last one. CSI:NY written up, and coming soon.
Have figured out a few rules: 1) take copious notes while show is on. Memory is horrendous when it comes to write. 2) keep up with Internet gossip. That can help tip you off to upcoming events. 3) Never rely on a fan site for accuracy-they are in it for show, not critique. Someone will get something off, and if you repeat, bad idea. 4) Use main network sites to confirm details such as names of actors, characters, episode titles. Those who read- notice, speak up. 5) If you confirm a hunch, under NO circumstances reveal it prior to when episode would come out. You can hint as to spoilers, but nothing specific. I.E. "a big change is coming soon. Stay tuned and see what happens next" If a character says directly, as in "I'm worried about getting fired", that's different.

Friday, May 05, 2006

I just can't get ya outta my head


May is here, and television season is heading towards a close. Finales are next week in a couple of cases. although neither is one I regularly review for Blogcritics. Those are both coming the week after. Boston Legal is two shows back to back, so that could take a bit. CSI is heating up on all three versions. Spoilers of sorts are already being leaked. Who's the Miami mole? I can tell you who it probably ISN'T. Ryan. Why would a reporter go to him if he was? Seems to me she would call higher ups and ask for a comment on her breaking story. Two others are working on a storyline of their own. Which doesn't leave them out, but it kinds narrows the field a bit. Two characters are said to be killed off. We know who one is: Marisol. Not only did actress confirm, but a producer did too. Here's an idea: mole discovered, fired. Deep regret, and mole commits suicide. Problem solved.
Boston Legal is relying on their guest stars. Parker Posey is in the final three. Jeri Ryan and Robert Wagner are in the last one. I know who gets hurt in CSI:NY, but will keep to myself since there could be some confusion on my part.

Monday, April 24, 2006



So much for the last post I wrote.
Been doing R & D on various stuff since season finales are coming close. CSI has trend with two of its shows-mine and original. Interactive on web. The promo for NY this week is disturbing. It will be even harder to write about. CSI has a scene which gives tips to last two episodes of season. A cast member could be gone, if I read right. Not sure, so don't quote. Fans of Miami are talking about the crime lab mole. Er, the traitor kind. They have it down to two. Someone gave an online interview which could be seen as a confession. Don't know, and would not tell if did. BL, though has a way to go before end. Renewed? Not confirmed. CSI:NY is. Bl-can see three characters out the exit door. Best guess? Paul Lewiston is set up for that.

Sunday, April 23, 2006



What happened to my blog? Half the posts are missing and the columns aren't even. I assume it has something to do with trying to put the posts into a organizational format of sorts. There are many many months of posts. Still...

With about a month of television before finales (at least one is a huge send off for leaving after 10 seasons), work heavy. Both my shows are ending same week. For next two weeks, I'll have both shows to review. After that... CSI has gone interactive for two shows-the one I do and original. Have ideas on that. NY's is disturbing, for subject matter and airing it. CSI tells me a cast member might be exiting permanently. I'm guessing here. CSI: Miami has a mole-er, traitor kind. Someone gave an interview, which, if read a certain way, could have been a confession. It matches guessing done by fans. I don't know, and would not say if I did. Boston Legal might have cleared the way for cast members to be leaving. I can think of three. Want my best shot? Paul Lewiston had already said he might not return fulltime. Makes sense.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Morons of the week



Here's a good idea: solicit an underage girl for sex, and use your real name! Have you heard about this?

A Deputy Press Secretary names Brian Doyle did exactly that, only he managed to get into a chat with an undercover cop working computer crimes!!! At least he did one thing right. Bloggers should be offended, they know from day one NEVER to give out personal info over the Net. No last names, addresses, even a phony ID would help. The media is laughing its head off, and the police are thrilled that someone so stupid is out there for them to reel in.

This is as bad as the nuke meltdown. The powers which be lost 150 keys to their power plant. Containing nuclear fuel. And we thought port security stank?

But worst of all? Cynthia McKinney. She was so arrogant that she figured by not wearing a pin even after being issued one as a member of Congress, she could dash through security! Actually, the pin would have allowed her to do exactly that. Which makes her repeated non wearing of said item perfect sense. BTW, dear, the new hairstyle shows you held your finger in the lightsocket for far too long.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Have you noticed a trend lately?


Every new television season has to come up with ways to draw in more viewers without losing ones they have. For some shows, context is a big hint. Doctors can travel on trips that bring medical help to those who need it. Lawyers can be hauled up in front of the Bar on charges. People can get transferred to another location, or as a result of being married to someone who is. Quitting happens, as does firings. The reasons may or may not be unique to the job.
Oh yeah, and there's one way to draw in viewers quickly (and keep water cooler talk going)-death. In Smallville, Jonathan Kent died of a heart attack. Now granted , that storyline fell in line with the comic book. The Sopranos saw a major character get shot, and could die. Uh here's a news flash-the show is about mobsters! Tony's own mother tried to kill him at one point. When Nancy Marchand died, however, her character had to die as well. 24 has a habit of dropping folks like flies. Then again, the show has to do with terrorism. Perhaps one day I will get the Sean Astin death scene out of my head. This reminds me: Leo McGarry had one heart attack on The West Wing. Perhaps that suggests how to handle the daeth of John Spencer?

Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Have not seen the movie, but understand the scene to which this refers. If you go to this fansite of James Spader, and go to the video section, you can watch the scene cleverly set to music. It takes about an hour to load, but well worth it.

Watch for my Boston Legal reviews on Blogcritics. An RSS feed is available so you can get them the instant they go on the site!

My Reality


That new show on ABC called Miracle Workers is pretty good. It takes people who are trying to get much needed medical treament for stuff and hooks them up with the doctors who are using cutting edge medicine to solve their particular problem.

Friday, February 24, 2006

A Few Random Questions


What possessed ABC to run their finale of Dancing with the Stars on the same night as the Olympics closing ceremonies? Why in the world would you replace a reality with another one a few weeks later? Wouldn't NBC's Conviction make more sense competing for viewers when InJustice is on? And Evidence is hardly going to change viewers from CSI. In case you're wondering, three of these questions are about the same network. Spetember through May is too long for a tv season, I get it. But originality draws viewers, not new versions of same old same old.

Doing #2

Guardian Unlimited World dispatch The power of the poop

This should work wonders in New York.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Your slip is showing

2 e-mailers get testy, and hundreds readevery word - The Boston Globe

I first saw this story on Nightline, and I think they are perhaps the only broadcast which told the ENTIRE story. So she turned down a job offer, big deal. It's a little unclear as to whether the meeting ended with an acceptance or not. But all he had to do was cancel his order of stuff with her name on it. Lawyers are a dime a dozen last time I looked. Why not simply advertise again? This whole mess reminds me of a job offer I got for several dollars less than what I would have gotten for the same title. That gave me pause, as it should have. My employer and I parted company on mutual decision later. Yes, it's her first job post law school. But when you cannot live on what an employer offered, it's time to walk away.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I don't get it - Lachey seeks spousal support from Simpson

Correct me if I 'm wrong, but Nick Lachey was hardly Little Mr. Unknown when he married Jessica, right? After all, this is a singer from 98 degrees with a major career here. Not to mention that his younger brother, Drew, was part of the group as well. (Yes, THAT one, whose fancy footwork is heating up television screens all over the country in Dancing with the Stars ) SO why does he NEED spousal support? Asking for the jewelry back just seems plain tacky, although the rings might be justified. I'm talking wedding and engagement.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006

Take One Down Pass it Around


There is a new meme going around. 8 Requirements for a Perfect Romantic Partner. (It was a bit more than that, but my mother reads this)
1. He must be a he.
2.Brains needed. Having Asperger's Syndrome makes communicating tricky, but I want a man with either a degree or experience to talk with his head and not somewhere else.
3. Attractive. At some level, I want to his looks to appeal.
4. Financially stable. Notice I did not say rich. I want someone who does not need support to pay bills, student loans, or taxes. He should be able to say same.
5. Who does not need me. As an only child, I can entertain myself nicely without depending on someone else to entertain. Clinging vines don't interest me much.
6. I'm used to sharing space with little or no talking between people in the room. Conversation's fine, but silence is golden.
7. Be ready and willing to go out in a while. I love going to gallery openings and community events.
8. Flexibility. Things happen.

Tagging: Eric Dax I'm on ya'll's blogrolls, so I assume you hear when I update. Counting you to pass this along!

Odds and Ends


Rob does have a tendency to be a tad blunt. However, this post is interesting enough to share.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Soda To Be Sold In Stores - News - 'Banned' Aphrodisiac Soda To Be Sold In Stores

Ahem, I have no problem with the cherry. But that first ingredient sounds a bit too close to guano, aka pigeon plop.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy Birthday!


Excuse me while I borrow. Happy B'day, Jimmy. My present to you is to not share your age.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Primetime Promos


During SuperBowl XL, there were a lot of ads, which made for a longggggg game. Saw plenty of hype for certain ABC shows, too. Uh folks, when you make shows that are takeoffs on current shows, it doesn't always work. Evidence is ABC's version of CSI. Sons and Daughters stinks, has GOT to go. Waited to see if Boston Legal would have a promo. They did. With a couple of name actors who are making guest star appearances. Note to producers: they won't help sagging ratings if the show is not solid to begin with. You didn't ask, but there you go. One puzzle: Candice Bergen Emmy Winner? I thought about it. She was nominated for both a Golden Globe and a SAG award (bad title, at least it isn't SAGGY awards) , neither recieved. She came into BL late in Season 1. Then it hit me: of course! She does have Emmys for Murphy Brown. Or were they hinting she should get one this fall? Yes, I'll watch tomorrow. My review will be up by Thursday a.m.

The Good Bad and Ugly Superbowl Ads


Why is it that beer companies can make solid winners while everyone else misses the mark? The Busweiser pony was probably the standout. Leonard Nimoy is going to be back in the spotlight. So is Richard Dean Anderson "McGyver"-Mastercard. Just as the game went, second half of ads were stronger. Jessica Simpson's PizzaHut and Diddy's DietPepsi were hardly worth hype. Speaking of, why in the world would J.S. bring Hazzard to mind? The Hummer was interesting. stunk as did Emerald Nuts. Kermit's Green SUV and Sharpie's shark were cute, but wasn't there supposed to be an ad with Miss Piggy?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Books galore


In the past couple of weeks, I have been inundated by books. Books from my local library ,from my church, from BookCrossing, and one review selection from blogcritics. Every one except that third item has a due date of sorts. While I would have had plenty of time to get various stuff back where they belong, my review item kinda takes precedence. However, I started reading yesterday. It won't take long.

Incompetence in Action

Top News Article

The captain and crew need to be fired and banned from ever working on a passenger ship again. Enough said.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Whaddya ya have?


Tried and true Southerners recognize my title from the Varsity counter.
Part of my daily routine is reading other people's blogs. Why? As a Blogcritic, I am held responsible for maintaining one. It helps to know what bloggers are interested in. They can also provide a post. Such as Elisson's choice debate. I will, however, admit to a small detail: doing so and linking to the posts which others write means I have a bigger chance to someone will take pity on me and add me to the blogroll. Two already have.

Here's my choices: Coke of Pepsi? (HATE pepsi, but adore Dr. Pepper. Coke if no DrP available) McDonald's or BK? Mickey D's-can't beat their fries. Publix or Kroger? Publix for quality even though Kroger's is cheaper. Discuss and leave comment.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Uga's Last Stand


Okay, I admit it. I didn't go to UGA (gasp!), although half my high school did. That was one reason I chose not to go. Could I have gotten in? Probably, assuming I had attempted enrollment when I applied to other places. Now would be tricky. I'm not keen on the school, but this from Key is my grudging nod to that well school in Athens.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another season at Sundance


Perhaps the best known independent film festival happened in Colorado last week. Out of all the clips I saw advertised for various films coming out, two I highly recommend:
The Darwin Awards, (based on the book I assume) starring the late Chris Penn, brother of Sean
Mystery-think The Aristocrats (which reminds me, need to rent) this time uses a fascination with crossword puzzles.
Robert Downey Jr. also has one that might be worth your time and $10, Google it.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Land of the 4's


Been seeing this all over, but am crediting here

4 jobs I've had: data entry for a vet, admin asst. for a travel business, roofing company secretary, legal transcriptionist
4 movies I can watch over and over Princess Bride, Robin Hood: men In Tights, A Bug's Life Top Gun
4 Tv Shows I Love-Boston Legal CSI:NY Dancing with the Stars Skating With Celebrities
10 highly rated shows I have never seen: Nip/Tuck The L Word Sopranos The OC Without a Trace Two and a Half men How I met your Mother Chasing Alex Love Monkey
4 places I've traveled to: New York San Francisco St. Louis Kentucky
4 Fave Dishes Spaghetti Pizza Chicken Cordon Bleu Salmon
4 Sites I visit daily gut rumbles suburban blight yahoo mail My Yahoo!
4 places I'd rather be: Chicago N.Y. D.C. on a plane
4 bloggers I am tagging: Dax Kelly Eric Dana

Monday, January 30, 2006

What a loser! - Bank robber�can't accept sons turning him in - Jan 18, 2006

Having money troubles? No problem, just rob a bank! Make sure you disguise yourself so badly that your kids can easily tell it's you from a surveillance pic. Oh yeah, ignore the fact that at least kid is a cop.

You're only sorry you got caught.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Joel Stein Speaks his Mind

Warriors and wusses - Los Angeles Times

This is making the rounds. I do get his point. One can respect what the troops are doing and admire their willingness to serve their country without agreeing with the decison to go to war. This is Bush's last term, thankfully.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Places I've been


img src=" '>">

Due to viruses, puter been out of commission for a while. Rob found this cute little site and so I swiped to here. I have a feeling that I missed a few spots, but the states in red are where I've found myself over the years.