Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Funky Times Ahead


Changed template, and lost customizations. Took me a minute to figure out those were links and the comment banner. Never fear, comments are still there, but where Blogger has a link, not where I tired to put them. And why is my URL above the Blogarama? Not sure what that last thing is, but working on the redo.
Links disappearing gave me a chance to consider which bloggers should go on it. I use some as jump-offs. Such as Kelley. I read hers, and look at her sidebar to see who updated their blogs. (Not sure how to set mine up to) She is busy with a job and new baby on the way, so Chrissy serves the purpose with her comments. Occasionally, I get introduced to new bloggers, like Lisa. So I made my list, and made notes where double checking needed. Eventually, I will get added to more blogrolls.

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