Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Thanks for the Memories (not)


Katrina gone, left death and destruction in her wake. Problem being worked on, but water levels make things nearly impossible. Power still gone, so communciating not working. Even reporters stuck, unable to tell their families they're okay or have smooth sailing once on air. Help coming, albeit slowly. Troops now deployed from other states to help in recovery effort. Navy Cruisers started down to affected areas from Norfolk, Va. (shouldn't they have been first team to arrive? It's not impeded by water) Donations coming in to Red Cross. What confuses me is why in the world nobody figured out how to stop leaks from levees. Correct me if you must, but doesn't building those require you also know how to fix? Trucks which restore power have not come in due to water. On one good note, Slidell LA is seeing waters recede. Come to think of it, Ala. did not have too high levels. And I heard of at least one airport whose runways are closed to public, but emergency teams can come. And I think I also heard Ala. has a main road open. It's just day by day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bogged down in Letters


Picjed up my transcription for today and thought it VERY thick. One look and I realized: not one letter, but 3 or 4 in the same package. No wonder. Gotten through about 2/3, but still a decent bit left to go.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Which Reservoir Dog are You?


Saw this blog's latest post and had to take test myself. Trying to upload results onto here tends to cause problems. However, deleted code leads to seriously smaller post. Which makes getting rid of it MUCH easier.
Anyway: I am Mr. Pink. Steve Buscemi may be a very nice guy, but he makes a career out of playing some nasty characters. No wonder he was chosen for this movie. Face is familiar, even if name may not be. (Ask your kids: Buscemi lent voice to Randall in Monsters Inc.) If you watched last season's Sopranos, Buscemi was Tony Blondetto.
What got me started on this ? Red Eye, new airline psychological thriller. A litttle close to reality. But I digress. Cillian Murphy plays Jackson Ripner, an operative drawn into world of terrorism. Too intense for me to see. Did research. Last time audiences saw him, he portrayed Scarecrow in Batman Begins. Also a butcher in Girl With a Pearl Earring. Found Murphy in full Scarecrow costume. Got it stuck in brain most of weekend. Reservoir Dogs may be a bit graphic, but considering director is Quentin Tarantino....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So Much for Common Sense


According to some dimwit at the TSA, they figure relaxing the rules on banned items you can take on a plane might make sense. So what are they planning to allow back? Knifes shorter than 5 in. (thinking pocketknives), razor blades, scissors. However: keep going. Icepicks, bows and arrows, and perhaps even box cutters. Um, I hate to bring this up, but: 9/11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Part of the theory is that with reinforced cockpit doors and passenger participation, chances of something going wrong lessens. It wouldn't help. Think about it. One good poke...

Friday, August 12, 2005

Do you know what time it is?


Those in Congress needto keep their eyes and ears open to see if they will get to serve another term. It's also time for those seeking office to check ensure they can get in. According to WJ Clinton, Hillary is not seeking higher office without completing her Congressional term.
Yeah, right. We'll see about that.
Speaking of news, CNN's Bill Hemmer left sometime back for a stint at FOX according to the ajc. Yet a peek at their website yields no bio. What gives?
Also, Net scuttlebutt mentioned Jason Bellini's bio being gone at CNN site. Peope figured he had either given notice or had been let go. A slim possibility was that his bio was being worked on. Since I am seriously inquisitive, I checked. Sure enough, bio is gone. Now, I've seen his work. Why in the world has no news bureau snatched him up?

Monday, August 08, 2005

Snape must have struck


If you notice, a few posts down is rest of my site. Yes, it looks odd. Due to my quiz results, it has completely engulfed my blog rather than sticking to one post. And efforts to delete it are being ignored. EXCUSE ME?! Last time I checked, this is mine to do as I so choose. Push red button, post should go away as requested.
On another note, reading latest Harry Potter book. Not quite finished last night. Could have, but wanted to avoid staying up all night. Of course, if I had known the news would focus on two stories solely, could have stayed in bed for another hour. Ignoring alarm clock bad idea, though. Peter Jennings died yesterday, so attention is being paid. Folks, when you start repeating the same segments, it is time to "put the story" to bed until you can find something else to show viewers.
Shuttle return delayed. Got it, thanks. Same problem as mentioned above.
How do I like HP? (book) It's okay. A little overdone. Forgot what some of references mean from previous novels. Newest movie is out in November, I think. 4? Saw 2 a while back. That had to be four hours long. Turned it on late, so missed opening.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Hot Potato, Hot Potato!


Oops! Perhaps this will bring up more than the coding. Since I recall more blogs than blog addys: Kelley Key Kimberly Eric Christina are just going to have to be trusted to keep this up.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ready, your honor | 08/01/2005 | Short hiatus for 'Boston Legal' finally to end

This month brings out repeats until Season 2 returns in the fall. Thought Kerry Washington was a guest star? Anyway, perhaps the ladies will make a guest appearance at some point. What would be interesting NOW imho is to bring in the Practice crew in one form or another. hey, it could happen..

Bedside table Meme


Found an interesting new meme going around. Kelley has the stage mother of all when it comes to sheer amount of stuff. Christina has the roundup of everyone else. However: here is where I found the first reference.
Wanna know what I've got?
For starters, a table on either side of bed. Looking down from the foot, left has: one lamp, alarm clock, contact case with solution, contact solution, my glasses, various papers, cordless phone, a bible.
On right: another lamp (matching set), a pile of books- 1. an autobio of Lucile Ball 2. autobio from Pres. Carter's chief of staff 2. Book on marital relationships (works for singles too) 3. Guideposts fiction :Grace Chapel Hill (sisters try and reunite two former lovers) and Church Choir-Plots and Pans.
These got buried-Sara Paretsky -Guardian Angel, and book with Lord Bryon playing prominent role in mystery, a writing tablet, advertising circulars, pieces of junk mail, and an O magazine..

Need I say more?

Bus driver scared of making whoopee... - Yahoo! News