Friday, April 07, 2006

Morons of the week



Here's a good idea: solicit an underage girl for sex, and use your real name! Have you heard about this?

A Deputy Press Secretary names Brian Doyle did exactly that, only he managed to get into a chat with an undercover cop working computer crimes!!! At least he did one thing right. Bloggers should be offended, they know from day one NEVER to give out personal info over the Net. No last names, addresses, even a phony ID would help. The media is laughing its head off, and the police are thrilled that someone so stupid is out there for them to reel in.

This is as bad as the nuke meltdown. The powers which be lost 150 keys to their power plant. Containing nuclear fuel. And we thought port security stank?

But worst of all? Cynthia McKinney. She was so arrogant that she figured by not wearing a pin even after being issued one as a member of Congress, she could dash through security! Actually, the pin would have allowed her to do exactly that. Which makes her repeated non wearing of said item perfect sense. BTW, dear, the new hairstyle shows you held your finger in the lightsocket for far too long.

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