Sunday, November 19, 2006

My take on the UCLA tasering


Lisa W has expressed her thoughts on this already, and she appears to be the first blogger to do so.

For a video of what the incident was, go here.

I just had to put down a few thoughts of my own. While the investigation may still ongoing, I would hate to openly speculate and interfere with a future trial. However, why in the world would anybody not have ID as long as they are on campus? I remember being in college back in the day, and this one piece of school property was CRITICAL in more ways than one. Now, I realize I graduated from a military institution, and things were a lot different. Seems to me checking all ID's rather than just one person if there is a group at a table is a smart move, IMO.
BTW, tasers used for people with medical conditions are lawsuits waiting to happen.
The school needs to check things out and make sure the officers were not in the wrong, but students need to be prepared to follow the rules.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Adventures with Uga


Every month for several, the town I live in has what's known as Alive After Five. It means businesses stay open later, special deals on certain store merchandise, along with refreshments in more than a few places. I enjoy browsing through stores, and generally eat enough for dinner out. Since I have a party where an ornament exchange occurs, thought I might poke around my favorite store in town and see what they had.

I wasn't disappointed. Out of all booths, a couple had what I needed. One is all college stuff, mostly southern places obviously. Up front and center? You guessed it, UGA. I saw a stuffed team mascot with 'press me' on a paw. Figured fight song on it. Yep. What I failed to notice was that the wiring system made it equipped to roll down a surface with head rotating from side to side. Don't worry, I caught Uga seconds after he went airborne. Although he was too pricey for me to take home, was that a hint UGA is in my future?