Saturday, December 09, 2006

A few household hints


With the season driving people batty, I thought I'd share a few things to make it just a little easier.

1. When you finish a can of something, fill with water and seal- with lid if available. I realize metal cans are opened with a can opener and lids tossed in the trash. Don't get it out, just fill. Leave overnight. Next day, dump out water and can is 99% clean. Also works on jars or mugs.

2. Dryer not quite getting clothes wrinkle free? Run the dryer once more, only this time, throw in a damp (not sodden) washcloth. The dryer acts as a steamer and solves problem.

3. Bread dough is in the freezer section, ready to go. Just thaw, let rise, and cook. One tip: to rise, cover with plastic wrap. When cooking, take wrap off first. It just may peel off if you don't, but finding it again to pull off is tricky.

4. Grocery stores have prepared stuff which takes little or no effort to fix. Better yet, divide up the food if you have guests over.

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