Saturday, February 19, 2005

No Facts need Apply


The other day, I started to look around a few blogs from others who are just as much into this as I am. A couple of posts caught my eye. They were news items, which had made the news precisely for one reason and one reason only. Bloggers were full of themselves. Yes, there were a couple of people who had come crashing down as a result of the blogging outrage and speculation. In one case, that might not have been such a bad thing. What am I blabbing on about, you ask? CNN's Eason resigning after outrage by bloggers over what might have been said during a meal. Never mind that bloggers more than likely took the words out of context. Never mind that they were not there to begin with. NO. They were just happy he had left CNN for good. I read one person's blog saying that CNN had been lying to America ever since they had been on the air. Of course, I'll try not to hold this person's affection for Fox against him. (Bill O'Reilly is hardly "fair and balanced") The fake reporter in the White House briefing room was a foulup of mass proportions. Yes, he worked for a website of "alternative" news. But a simple background check might have solved the entry problem. Not to mention some training in interviewing techniques.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Egads, he's at it again - News - Ousted Habitat Leader Says Carter to Intercede in Dispute

Former President Jimmy "Buttinski" Carter has once again decided to step in where his help is not needed. Now hold on, I know some of you are about to say "Now, Nancy, Carter is a good man who has done this country a lot of good." And I'd agree with you, although being President was perhaps not part of the original comment. Like others who lay claim to that title, his works outside office are far more impressive than what happened as a result of his being in office. Have a feeling we made a wise decision not to hand him a second term. But I digress..
As reported a few posts back, the founder of Habitat for Humanity hindered an investigation into whether or not he acted in an inppropriate manner towards a female associated with the group. Think it might have been a staffer, but could have been a volunteer. This led to Fuller's ousting by the board. Good call, if he didn't do anything wrong, why not let an investigation prove it?
Mediation is not the answer here. It is to look into what may or may not have happened, and see what comes up. Fuller should be banned from the premises, IMHO, until such time as further action can be determined.

WJBF NewsCHANNEL 6 | Amazing! 4 Year Old Driver Unhurt

WJBF NewsCHANNEL 6 | Amazing! 4 Year Old Driver Unhurt

Here is the actual story on that kid who got behind the wheel at 4 if you want to read it for yourself.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Calling all cars, Calling all cars


A four year old boy is catching the attention of the country, and that's not a good thing. You see, he decided that he wanted to go out to the video game store and see if a certain game had come in. So good, so far? Two points: this was at 1:30 am, and he drove his mother's car. The fact of his being out of the house and away from his parents' sight is outrageous enough. Does the term alarm mean anything to you? How did he manage to drive when he could not reach the pedals, you ask? Coasting. What makes this truly mystifying is the police following him back to his house. Why didn't it occur to the store employees to hold the kid there until his parents/police could arrive? After all, this is a four year old we're talking about.
Oh, his mom went on local television and said the kid misbehaved and had his Playstation taken away, and he found it. So off to the store he went. Uh, Playstation? Seems to me Barney would suffice. Not to mention the only video watching is in say, the den, rather than his room. This is not my son, but stronger discipline is in order.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Hold On, it's a hoax

Rat served in Asian Restaurant Hoax

Okay, nice to know rats are not swimming in my teriyaki. Here's the deal: they cost too much to add them to the meals. At about 50 cents a pound, it drives the cost up. Way up.

Speaking of, have you heard the one about the kidnapped soldier in Iraq? There is a picture going around of a black soldier sitting down with a gun pointed at his head. The military did a head count just in case. Ladies and gentlemen, go clean your spectacles. Not only is the uniform wrong, theman is waaaaay too stiff. It's a toy, a version of a GI Joe. Lots of stuff is floating around out there. use your brain to filter out the junk.

Common Sense Need Apply - News - Habitat Members Rallying Around Ousted Founder

Here's what I don't get: So Millard Fuller may not have acted in an inappropriate manner. For all I know, some lady got her bee in a bonnet because she made him dinner and he refused to touch it. But when you deliberately hinder an investigation, it kinda looks suspicious. Wait, let me rephrase that. YOU LOOK GUILTY. Let him go. You can always hire him back if it turns out he didn't do it. And folks, this is supposed to be an organization of ethical practices, right? Get your heads out of the sand.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

My Response


After President Bush finished his State of the Union speech last night, the Democratic leaders from both the House and Senate had an opportunity to respond. Now, it's my turn.

Security an issue? Fix the biggest flaws. Two words: checked luggage. Two more: port cargo. The same problem for both. No inspection, or very little. TSA does a pretty good job at stopping "weapons" from getting through. Hint: nail clippers and metal nail files will not penetrate the skin if skin is poked.

Social Security not so secure? The snag in your plan is that someone takes money from their guaranteed government "pension" and puts it into the unstable stock market. Whoops.

Military involvement: Elections are taken care of. Train the troops of countries we let democracy reign to handle things themselves, then bring our boys home.

You defined some issues that you are taking a stand on. Open yourself to some new options.

Judges should interpret the law but not legislate from the bench. Have you been in court recently? Opinions are rampant. It would help if you left the Constitution alone. I support the marriage of a man and woman, Mr. President. But I have a problem with amending one of our greatest historical documents so that it will not be amended to reflect changes you might not agree with.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Wacko Jacko wants his day in court


The molestation trial of one of the biggest names in pop music started yesterday. At least the jury choosing. Now, here's what gets me: why in the world would Jackson want to be present in court during the weeding? Correct me if I'm wrong, but surely nobody can safely answer "Do you know who Michael Jackson is?" with a NO and get away with it. Even he was not musical, this story has been in the press so often that his face is just a WEE difficult to forget. He actually made a video to ask viewers to give him a fair trial? You've got to be kidding. The only people who can do that are the members of the jury. Something's wrong here, folks. Members of Jackson's own family should have realized a lot sooner that a grown adult should not be left alone with young children and teens. Neverland should have only been available for day trips. If MJ wants to help sick kids, pay their medical bills. Or fly them somewhere for treatment. Bring toys to cheer them up at the hospital.
Yes, I know. Innocent until proven guilty. All I'm saying is that things are not looking good.
At least the media have a bone to gnaw over. And over and over..

Election Ecstasy?


Elections in Iraq have come to pass. Amazingly, thousands of Iraqi citizens turned out to vote. That people will vote if given the opportunity is nothing new. What makes this event worthy of coverage on the local news (not to mention more than a few hours of cable media) is that the opposition is so intense. People running for office have been killed, as well as those who already had posts. Now then, over here, we step up and vote out those who we believe are not doing a good job in office. Or, keep those in who we actually like. But overseas is a different story. When there is never any elected officials before people turn out and have to vote, some sort of process has to be set up. Whose idea was it to mark people's finger with ink so that they know who voted? Granted, it's not a sticker. But ink did not come off. Oops. Hello, sitting ducks. This is yet another example of military intelligence being the biggest oxymoron ever. Yes, Hussein was a bad leader (the three in power). Yes, the people should decide who they want to follow. But n0w that it has come full circle, we need to start working on a plan to bring the troops home. Oh wait, I forgot. We were naive enough to vote Bush back in.