Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hot Topics-My Opinion


With elections coming this year, I plan to step up and vote. After all, the people in office are supposed to be there because they represent my interests. Although.... who was the brainiac which thought primaries had to be on separate tickets? Seems to me coding could be set up to show who was with which party. Computer reads and tallies accordingly, yes, paper trail. Now then, it behooves me to double check my selections when steps are completed. If a problem exists, go backwards and change what was wrong. Or, ask for help. This is where Florida got in trouble.

Two issues on the ballot. Gas prices, which are not exactly in our control. But- illegal immigration is a big one. Now, I realize it is a bit more complicated than what we have been led to believe. For instance, some of those here "illegally" started out legal, just did not go back to wherever they came from when visa ran out. Talking green card here. Yes, I know Mexico sucks. Fox needs to be run out on a rail. But if those protests were staged back in that country, guess what? A real difference could be made. Americans contribute by refusing to do certain jobs, as in domestics or food gatherers. And we wonder why unemployment exists?! Honestly.

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