Sunday, April 23, 2006



What happened to my blog? Half the posts are missing and the columns aren't even. I assume it has something to do with trying to put the posts into a organizational format of sorts. There are many many months of posts. Still...

With about a month of television before finales (at least one is a huge send off for leaving after 10 seasons), work heavy. Both my shows are ending same week. For next two weeks, I'll have both shows to review. After that... CSI has gone interactive for two shows-the one I do and original. Have ideas on that. NY's is disturbing, for subject matter and airing it. CSI tells me a cast member might be exiting permanently. I'm guessing here. CSI: Miami has a mole-er, traitor kind. Someone gave an interview, which, if read a certain way, could have been a confession. It matches guessing done by fans. I don't know, and would not say if I did. Boston Legal might have cleared the way for cast members to be leaving. I can think of three. Want my best shot? Paul Lewiston had already said he might not return fulltime. Makes sense.

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