Monday, February 06, 2006

Primetime Promos


During SuperBowl XL, there were a lot of ads, which made for a longggggg game. Saw plenty of hype for certain ABC shows, too. Uh folks, when you make shows that are takeoffs on current shows, it doesn't always work. Evidence is ABC's version of CSI. Sons and Daughters stinks, has GOT to go. Waited to see if Boston Legal would have a promo. They did. With a couple of name actors who are making guest star appearances. Note to producers: they won't help sagging ratings if the show is not solid to begin with. You didn't ask, but there you go. One puzzle: Candice Bergen Emmy Winner? I thought about it. She was nominated for both a Golden Globe and a SAG award (bad title, at least it isn't SAGGY awards) , neither recieved. She came into BL late in Season 1. Then it hit me: of course! She does have Emmys for Murphy Brown. Or were they hinting she should get one this fall? Yes, I'll watch tomorrow. My review will be up by Thursday a.m.

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