Monday, June 19, 2006

Thoughts run amok


Seeing how the controversy over Dan Brown's The Davinci Code has grown and grown, I remembered I had one of his books. While I am not ready to read The DaVinci Code yet, I wanted to see what his style of writing looked like.
Digital Fortress is a fictional tale centered around the National Security Agency. Yes, we have one. Condi Rice used to head it. Anyway, no secrets relating to National Security were told. Did bring up one point which has not left my head. Especially in view of wiretapping mess. Since the NSA deals in codes (they have a website), idea was put forth for an ability to read peoples' email and seal it without persons being aware. Hmmm...
wouldn't there be certain words to look for? Same problem as blocking out websites due to content. Stop breast from getting through, and you also delete recipes using chicken breasts. Not to mention breast cancer info. Oops! So how does one differentiate between a terrorist sleeper cell and an online history class talking about the ways in which terrorism flourishes?

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