Monday, August 21, 2006

And you got your terrorism degree from where?


Islamic extremists. Let me define that for you. Muslims with an Islamic faith + behavior so far off typical that attention must be paid.

NOW: Folks, terror is created by people FEW not majority. On Sept 11, Muslims in this country (and we do have them) were horrifed at events. Same for the London bombings. Are ALL Muslims guilty of terrorism? NO. Are most? NO. I agree those two could have, and should have, waited their turn patiently. Boarding has a pattern made to get people on quickly. If you have to question whether Arabic is being spoken, you don't have ANY right to make the call. Besides, there's a good chance an air marshal is on the plane. Which reminds me-they need to overhaul their system, they aren't as invisible as they think. In fact, they make themselves spotted way too easily.

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