Thursday, February 23, 2006

Your slip is showing

2 e-mailers get testy, and hundreds readevery word - The Boston Globe

I first saw this story on Nightline, and I think they are perhaps the only broadcast which told the ENTIRE story. So she turned down a job offer, big deal. It's a little unclear as to whether the meeting ended with an acceptance or not. But all he had to do was cancel his order of stuff with her name on it. Lawyers are a dime a dozen last time I looked. Why not simply advertise again? This whole mess reminds me of a job offer I got for several dollars less than what I would have gotten for the same title. That gave me pause, as it should have. My employer and I parted company on mutual decision later. Yes, it's her first job post law school. But when you cannot live on what an employer offered, it's time to walk away.