Saturday, October 28, 2006

Bye Bye Boston


After an almost breakneck speed of writing televsion articles, I'll finally get a break after this week upcoming. Boston Legal will go on hiatus for three weeks then do a two parter within the last week of November. Which may mean another break after that. While I don't have too much of a problem composing these, the time spent not having to get them up on Blogcritics helps me keep my sanity. I take copious notes during the program (meaning I miss half the show in process) then have to divide them out into storylines. Started grouping so all of a storyline is together. Keep notes nearby when typing things up should I need a reference. Know where to find the past episode mentions if they fit. At least, I know what they refer to, if not the title. Those come last when they go into the Blogcritics hopper. Sometimes the title is written a certain way, which requires a double check. Who was that guest star? Most of the time, nobody special. Certain ones are recurring, which means they show up often enough so viewers recognize them immediately. Others stand out because they are celebrities. Know who Kevin Bacon is? Of course! Those draw in viewers. Publicity people get those out well ahead of time-I make an effort to note those so I make mention later.

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