Friday, February 03, 2006

Whaddya ya have?


Tried and true Southerners recognize my title from the Varsity counter.
Part of my daily routine is reading other people's blogs. Why? As a Blogcritic, I am held responsible for maintaining one. It helps to know what bloggers are interested in. They can also provide a post. Such as Elisson's choice debate. I will, however, admit to a small detail: doing so and linking to the posts which others write means I have a bigger chance to someone will take pity on me and add me to the blogroll. Two already have.

Here's my choices: Coke of Pepsi? (HATE pepsi, but adore Dr. Pepper. Coke if no DrP available) McDonald's or BK? Mickey D's-can't beat their fries. Publix or Kroger? Publix for quality even though Kroger's is cheaper. Discuss and leave comment.