Saturday, December 09, 2006

Boston Legal has taken a break


Smart. If all Sept. premieres had a new episode each week, the season would finish in Jan. rather than May. Due to award shows, BL has a repeat this month, but nothing new for a few weeks. CSI:NY finally got to a repeat. It runs a new episode this week, and that should be it for the month. Good place to stop, with Sasha Cohen, the figure skater, and Marlee Matlin, the Reasonable Doubts actress who won an Oscar for Children of a Lesser God as guest stars. BL could go anywhere at this point, but I will say CSINY fans should know the characters are going to get personal this season. We've already seen Hawkes reminded of his past, and Mac romantically involved. Flack is back, and Stella has seemingly recovered from shooting her boyfriend. Danny stepped up to the plate last week-Watch for "Raising Shane" to repeat if you missed. Anna Belknap, who plays Lindsay is pregnant, so her role is not as heavy right now. Who opens up to viewers next? Wait and watch....

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