Thursday, August 10, 2006

The time of the questioning meme


Found a new meme to share with you here. Dash borrowed from a couple of others. so I'm continuing the circle. In the interest of length and my own schedule, going to make this more than one post.

Curse word used most? Got rid of those once I left Fort Knox
Own Ipod? No. use computer CD drive. Makes much more sense
MySpace "Top 8" talked to most? No one.
Time alarm set for? 6am, ignored most days
Color of room? Assume bedroom. White though spread has pink and green. Pillows too
Flip flops or sneaks? Sneaks. Would go barefoot if I can get away with it
Enjoy taking pics or being in them? taking
Last movie watched? Chronicles of Narnia
Friends with kids? To a point. not all are married
Would people call you lazy? no
Take medications to sleep? no
Which CD is in player? Cirque De Soleil Delirium
Regular or chocolate milk? Chocolate-I'll actually drink THAT
Has someone told you a secret this week? Not yet
Have you ever given someone a hickey? EEWWWW!!!!! no
Who was the last person to call you? A girl I went to high school with and lives in NC
Have people talked about you behind your back? oh yes
Did you watch cartoons as a child? Of course. Think my faves were the Justice League, these are the movies I tend to prefer. Toons or animated


Temple Stark said...

My secret is I gave someone a light hickey last week .. er, and the week before.

NancyGail said...

And you admitted that in public?