Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Land of the 4's


Been seeing this all over, but am crediting here

4 jobs I've had: data entry for a vet, admin asst. for a travel business, roofing company secretary, legal transcriptionist
4 movies I can watch over and over Princess Bride, Robin Hood: men In Tights, A Bug's Life Top Gun
4 Tv Shows I Love-Boston Legal CSI:NY Dancing with the Stars Skating With Celebrities
10 highly rated shows I have never seen: Nip/Tuck The L Word Sopranos The OC Without a Trace Two and a Half men How I met your Mother Chasing Alex Love Monkey
4 places I've traveled to: New York San Francisco St. Louis Kentucky
4 Fave Dishes Spaghetti Pizza Chicken Cordon Bleu Salmon
4 Sites I visit daily gut rumbles suburban blight yahoo mail My Yahoo!
4 places I'd rather be: Chicago N.Y. D.C. on a plane
4 bloggers I am tagging: Dax Kelly Eric Dana