Monday, August 07, 2006

Here we go again


Tomorrow is various political runoffs for legislative positions in Georgia. Not all places, but certain state and national seats. Let's see-how many dodo brains will put Cynthia McKinney back in office? My phone already rang with someone volunteering for Jim Martin- Dem challenger. Doesn't anybody realize votes can switch between primary and November? People did exactly that to ensure Ralph Reed did not get office.
Am reminded of the commenter in AJC where someone said voting is privilege, not right. People got upset, and quoted relevant parts of Constitution. Ahem. Let me step in here. You have to be 18, number one. A U.S. citizen (assuming legal preferred) for another. Now, having said these things, I find it hard to consider "rights" as such when they can be taken away. Ever heard of a felony, folks? Two immediate consequences are lose the ability to cast a vote, and own a firearm. Which means the 2nd Amendment is out the window as well.

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