Saturday, November 18, 2006

Adventures with Uga


Every month for several, the town I live in has what's known as Alive After Five. It means businesses stay open later, special deals on certain store merchandise, along with refreshments in more than a few places. I enjoy browsing through stores, and generally eat enough for dinner out. Since I have a party where an ornament exchange occurs, thought I might poke around my favorite store in town and see what they had.

I wasn't disappointed. Out of all booths, a couple had what I needed. One is all college stuff, mostly southern places obviously. Up front and center? You guessed it, UGA. I saw a stuffed team mascot with 'press me' on a paw. Figured fight song on it. Yep. What I failed to notice was that the wiring system made it equipped to roll down a surface with head rotating from side to side. Don't worry, I caught Uga seconds after he went airborne. Although he was too pricey for me to take home, was that a hint UGA is in my future?

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