Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Anything to be seen

I know he wanted publicity, but this? Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 28, 2005

About time


Police finally got that Crane Cuckoo down. Did you hear about this? Some nutcase from Fla. is wanted for questioning after a former girlfriend turns up murdered. Suppoedly, he has a sister who lives in Atlanta. He flees the Sunshine State, gets up here, and starting Wed. Afternoon, sits atop a Buckhead construction crane and stays. Police cordon off the area, offer his food and water (doesn't take-but what about his "inner cleansing") and leave the NightClub Town cut off from the typical as well as holiday traffic. Restaurants were de-lighted. Where's Carl Hiassen?

Friday, May 27, 2005

I do solemnly swear


never to put Quizilla on this blog a-gain. It throws off my right margin so badly that everything over there is relegated to the bottom. However, (trumpet flourish) I have a links list! For someone has has very limited experience with HTML, this is an accomplishment. Clueless as to what that means? Well, HTML is an acronym for the specialized coding which creates webpages. After much gnashing of teeth in trying to get my links up, could scribble down that exact translation pretty darn close to accurate. Copy and paste works much better.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Runaway Bride runs out of Options


D.A. Danny Porter has announced that a Gwinnnett County grand jury has indicted Jennifer Wilbanks, aka the "Runaway Bride", with two counts of criminal misconduct. One is those is a felony charge. She lied to law enforcement saying she had been kidnapped and taken away to another state. She bought a bus ticket several days in advance and called a taxi to take her to the bus station. Not to mention she caused more than a few people to begin a search pattern. This is hardly a surprise. But to offer 13 grand as repayment when the costs involved were at least twice that? That needs the book thrown at her.

Acidman and Key have both previously mentioned this story in their blogs. Can't wait to see what they write this time..

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Music, Music, Music


The sheer audacity of some people amazes me.
As a longtime standing member of Blogcritics, I am used to getting items in the mail for my personal review. But, usually, there is a system in place.
However, there are companies sending me CD singles, unasked for. NO letter saying "Will you please" and a contact to notify the review is up. What concerns me even more is that these keep coming even though NOT ONE review has ever been posted.
I assume they are watching the site for something.
Here's the list so far: Cassidy B Boy Stance AM to PM, Mario Couldn't Say No, Fantasia Free Yourself, Avril Lavigne Fall to Pieces, Babyface Sorry for the Stupid Things, Foo Fighters Best of You, Boo Say it to My Face, Kenny G I Believe I Can Fly.
Some of these will sell without the help of any Blogcritic. Perhaps (I hope) this post will stop the asking of my help.

Monday, May 23, 2005

No More Desperation until Fall


Whew! After watching the season finale of Desperate Housewives last night, it dawned on me that if I had just watched episode one and the last fifteen minutes of the finale, that would have sufficed.
Let's see: there was an explanation, a death, a new neighbor, and more questions. Mary Alice killled herself because she had stolen Zach -real name Dana from his drug addicted mother. When Deidre showed up to reclaim Dana, Mary Alice stabbed her. So, to protect her family, she put a gun to her head. Paul nearly got killed by Mike for Diedre's death. A new neighbor, played by Alfre Woodward, and her son moved to Wisteria Lane. I can guess.. son is child molester, or he had an affair with a teacher? Tom quit his job, so Lynette may go back to work. Carlos found out about John and Gabi, via John. Rex died from the heart condition pills George was giving him.
Okay, next season starts with a death and an incriminating note. (Rex thought Bree was trying to kill him). Gee, sounds familiar... The ladies know the truth, or do they?

But I don't wanna wear my seat belt!

WINK-TV Southwest Florida's News Leader

You'd expect that from a two year old. But a teenager? This incident was news for more reasons than misbehavior.
Yes, three people bear parts of blame. Not equally. Leave it to Fla. to give the person with most burden a lesser charge. According to news reports, charges were made before tape "became available". As in, pre lawyers? State's Attorney should reassess, fast.
Bus driver needs to be fired. There is no excuse for what HE did. Those boys, however, need to be hauled into principal's office and told in no uncertain terms that bus is a PRIVILEGE, not a given. And those in authority schoolwise deserve respect. I agree completely with suspension for one who threw punch.
Parents should lay down the law and tell their sons "You disrespected a school official and embarrassed our family. Consequences are going to be more than what the school punished you with". And stick to them.
Oh, not wearing seatbelt? that needs to be an automatic punishment of some sort for ALL students.

Acidman was Fit to be Tied over this and so were his readers.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You know it's a slow news day when..


the focus is on stories that did not need focus to begin with. I feel sorry for 24 hour stations- the easiest way for them to have coverage is by rehashing. Worse yet, by repeating segments to fill out an hour. People have been known to call news conferences for pointless speeches.
What is today's theme? Judgeships. Specifically, the fight between Frist and Reid up in Congress. (You'd think they'd be focusing on reelections next year) Took poli sci, so have some concept of how it works. Let's see, Senate has two people from every state represented, so that's 100. D.C. gets one, too. Will they all agree on everything? Of course not. Now then, the judges being talked about are not Supreme-those serve for life until death or retirement. Since neither has occured, assuming the theme is Circuit- um, as in appeals? Try to remember the Terri Schaivo mess. Frist wants an up/down vote, whatever that is. Reid points out, correctly, that a tiny handful have gotten rejected out of everyone "nominated".
Reporters could handle this. Sit, watch, and tell about what happened in there. After all, it's their job. Totally unnecesary live footage.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

She's Got It


Was in Tuesday Morning the other day, looking with my mom for a suitcase to take on her trip. Got to the checkout line and noticed this woman and a young child (spoke coherently, but not in first grade yet). Anyway, while she was trying to pay, he brought up a toy motorcycle and said, "I want you to buy me this". In other words, not in cart to begin with. Uh oh. When she said no, he started screaming. Not crying, not lying on the floor with arms and legs flailing. But screaming, "I don't want to put it back!" and "I want it!" She tried reasoning. He was determined. She stuck to her guns, though. Not sure if she paid for her purchases or not, although I do not seem to recall seeing a bag in her hand as they left. He kept going. She got him to the car, buckled in his car seat, and said "We're going home". That set off a new rage, "But I don't wanna go home!". My respect for her parenting skills went up greatly that day. No spanking (other customers might have been okay with it this time), no yelling. Just removal and carrying through on her words. It wasn't her fault her son was being a whiny selfish brat, but there was a decision to be made. The Brat did not win.

Business Basics


Say you work in a place where customers have to check out in order to pay for purchases. Envision : you have three customers in line. A is in front of you, preparing to pay. B has a whopping boatload of items. C is waiting for two people in front of him to be done so he can go home.
Do you..
a) tell first customer how good her hair looks so you can chat about stylists
b) glance down at second customer's items and roll your eyes
c) Tell C " I'll be with you in a minute, sir"
none of above. Why? First priority is person in front of you. Finish, and one less person to deal with. Worst thing to do: get intoconversation with another employee if there is ANYONE standing there waiting. This last item has happened twice, and it boggles my mind as to why store workers would do this. Those customers bring in business, and their money pays bills.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A memo of May


With the advent of May's second weekend close at hand, America has seen the day set for Mothers and the Memory cherished by Mexico. However, it also marks something else. You see, the television season comes to a close this month. What started back in September finishes out the last original episode before going to reruns. WestWing is gone, Lost and Desperate Housewives will soon end, CSI: NY goes out with a bang next week. and Boston Legal exited long ago. (Whatever possesed ABC to rid itself of one of the best written as well as acted shows on television is beyond me. Sigh. It has been renewed, luckily. Even so, Spader's time on death row leaves room for another episode)
That being said, shows who are not affected by the season are also gearing up for Sweeps. When audiences are glued to their sets, so content had better be big. Looking through a couple of websites, saw something that horrified me. Oprah goes on the air tomorrow with "An Oprah intervention". Yikes! Forget the fact that she is not trained to do so. At least Dr. Phil has the background to give advice to his guests. Had a minister at church who did these. Took hours on end to set everything up, then set events into motion. Is this what sensationalism has come to?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Can we say CSI?

USATODAY.com - Illinois father confessed killings, prosecutors say

Cannot say I'm surprised police were suspicious after reading this story. This man should never have allowed anywhere near his kids after the arrest for wife beating. However, that is beside the point right now.
Let's see, an "atypical" response even though he was the one to find the bodies of the girls, one of whom was his daughter. If you mean little emotion, that alone is not enough to consider him a suspect. Police surely saw something else. Perhaps it was his ugly mug?
This well built adult male killed two girls after one sassed him? He NEEDS to be locked away for life.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Does your computer read minds?


Mine seems to. I opened my email today, and saw over 100 emails! That did not worry me much. Usually, I can delete about one third of them without reading. Knew part of the problem was the leftover unread ones from the night before. Working on a limited time schedule, had less than an hour to work on some things. Finished up my review of Ya Yas in Bloom (fun book), and logged on. Over 100 emails! So, thought I should go ahead and delete. The computer refused to acknowledge my superiority over it, and promptly locked up. When I got it back in line, remembered the library books I wanted to renew. So found the site, but the page format had changed. Yikes! Took me far longer than the two minutes it should have. Finally got done, and was able to delete some much needed wasted space in Yahoo.
Today, had to work quickly to rummage through Yahoo since I had a dental appt. later. More than once, lock up. And when you just read one email before the lockup, major problem. Fit seems to have gone now. Whew!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Where does the GA school system get its brains?


Why is it that when something happens in a school system, a close look at the facts show a stupendous lack of common sense? In a town called Dacula (much to my dismay, in GA), a teacher has recently been let go from the position he held for over two decades. Why? Grade fixing. Or rather, not fixing. You see, this teacher has a policy of lowering grades for falling asleep in class or not completing assignments. Clearly spelled out in the syllabus. And ALL students signed and agreed. Well, one day, a student fell asleep. The assignment in was perfect, and then the teacher looked around and saw the note about the student who slept. Grade went down. Perhaps a bit too far, but policy followed. Child complained to parents, then dad went to talk to principal. WHY? After much wrangling, teacher fired. Appeal pending. What makes this news? Simple. The kid was an star athlete. Forget teacher's time of employment, or that the kid broke a rule EVERYONE knew. No, No, cannot get in the way of my child's sports career. Why in the world didn't the parents ask if kid knew rule, and when answer "yes" , say, you broke it, you accept responsibility for the consequences? Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the purpose of school be to get an education?

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

baltimoresun.com - Dear John get a clue

baltimoresun.com - Dear John

This says it better than I ever could. After seeing that clip of John declaring on FOX news that he made a comittment and he would stand by Jennifer, the first thought most people had was "How sweet!" Right?
Has it occurred to him that his fiancee not only did not have the strength to say "We need to talk" but left him high and dry? The police were getting ready to declare him the prime suspect, even though he passed the lie detector test with flying colors. With the aftermath of Lacey and Lori hacking, I can understand why. He was the last person to see her before she hopped a bus.
Even that, she had planned it well in advance nearly a week before.
To top it off, she LIED to law enforcement, which is considered a felony in some cases. The worst of this mess was that she caused many people to put in more than a few hours looking for her, thinking she actually might have been hurt or worse.
Stay by her if you must. But do NOT get married.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Numbers Game

Prosecutors Cross-Examine Tyco's Ex-CEO - Yahoo! News

Current Salary: way too much money to begin with
Payment to IRS: 25 million dollars
Extravagant Lifestyle: many more dollars
Getting caught with your pants down: priceless

Carl Hiassen calling for Julia Roberts

USATODAY.com - Prosecutor looks into possible charges for runaway bride

Getting cold feet is nothing new. History is rife with stories of people being left at the altar for any number of reasons, whether logical or not. In fact, Sgt. Bilko, starring Steve Martin, has scenes depicting his nearly fatal loss of his long planned nuptials.
What makes this case so odd is that it seems to have long been pre-planned. Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt appears evident with the recounting of the final hours before this story ended. The phone call made to 911, the details clearly given.
Coming home was the most unique. Why the blanket? It's not as if the country did not already knew what Jennifer looked like. Her hair was just a little shorter. If anything, it only drew more attention. With all the manpower spent in the hunt for the truth, she needs to be held accountable for her actions. Paying restitution and many many hours of community service for lying to law enforcement (which is a crime, btw) is the fair and proper action.