Saturday, May 20, 2006



TV season is over! For my reviews, anyway. Note to Boston Legal writers, when you have a two hour show, should have scenes from both hours in promos. Not just last one. CSI:NY written up, and coming soon.
Have figured out a few rules: 1) take copious notes while show is on. Memory is horrendous when it comes to write. 2) keep up with Internet gossip. That can help tip you off to upcoming events. 3) Never rely on a fan site for accuracy-they are in it for show, not critique. Someone will get something off, and if you repeat, bad idea. 4) Use main network sites to confirm details such as names of actors, characters, episode titles. Those who read- notice, speak up. 5) If you confirm a hunch, under NO circumstances reveal it prior to when episode would come out. You can hint as to spoilers, but nothing specific. I.E. "a big change is coming soon. Stay tuned and see what happens next" If a character says directly, as in "I'm worried about getting fired", that's different.

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