Monday, April 24, 2006



So much for the last post I wrote.
Been doing R & D on various stuff since season finales are coming close. CSI has trend with two of its shows-mine and original. Interactive on web. The promo for NY this week is disturbing. It will be even harder to write about. CSI has a scene which gives tips to last two episodes of season. A cast member could be gone, if I read right. Not sure, so don't quote. Fans of Miami are talking about the crime lab mole. Er, the traitor kind. They have it down to two. Someone gave an online interview which could be seen as a confession. Don't know, and would not tell if did. BL, though has a way to go before end. Renewed? Not confirmed. CSI:NY is. Bl-can see three characters out the exit door. Best guess? Paul Lewiston is set up for that.

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