Friday, February 24, 2006

A Few Random Questions


What possessed ABC to run their finale of Dancing with the Stars on the same night as the Olympics closing ceremonies? Why in the world would you replace a reality with another one a few weeks later? Wouldn't NBC's Conviction make more sense competing for viewers when InJustice is on? And Evidence is hardly going to change viewers from CSI. In case you're wondering, three of these questions are about the same network. Spetember through May is too long for a tv season, I get it. But originality draws viewers, not new versions of same old same old.

Doing #2

Guardian Unlimited World dispatch The power of the poop

This should work wonders in New York.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Your slip is showing

2 e-mailers get testy, and hundreds readevery word - The Boston Globe

I first saw this story on Nightline, and I think they are perhaps the only broadcast which told the ENTIRE story. So she turned down a job offer, big deal. It's a little unclear as to whether the meeting ended with an acceptance or not. But all he had to do was cancel his order of stuff with her name on it. Lawyers are a dime a dozen last time I looked. Why not simply advertise again? This whole mess reminds me of a job offer I got for several dollars less than what I would have gotten for the same title. That gave me pause, as it should have. My employer and I parted company on mutual decision later. Yes, it's her first job post law school. But when you cannot live on what an employer offered, it's time to walk away.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

I don't get it - Lachey seeks spousal support from Simpson

Correct me if I 'm wrong, but Nick Lachey was hardly Little Mr. Unknown when he married Jessica, right? After all, this is a singer from 98 degrees with a major career here. Not to mention that his younger brother, Drew, was part of the group as well. (Yes, THAT one, whose fancy footwork is heating up television screens all over the country in Dancing with the Stars ) SO why does he NEED spousal support? Asking for the jewelry back just seems plain tacky, although the rings might be justified. I'm talking wedding and engagement.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Friday, February 10, 2006

Take One Down Pass it Around


There is a new meme going around. 8 Requirements for a Perfect Romantic Partner. (It was a bit more than that, but my mother reads this)
1. He must be a he.
2.Brains needed. Having Asperger's Syndrome makes communicating tricky, but I want a man with either a degree or experience to talk with his head and not somewhere else.
3. Attractive. At some level, I want to his looks to appeal.
4. Financially stable. Notice I did not say rich. I want someone who does not need support to pay bills, student loans, or taxes. He should be able to say same.
5. Who does not need me. As an only child, I can entertain myself nicely without depending on someone else to entertain. Clinging vines don't interest me much.
6. I'm used to sharing space with little or no talking between people in the room. Conversation's fine, but silence is golden.
7. Be ready and willing to go out in a while. I love going to gallery openings and community events.
8. Flexibility. Things happen.

Tagging: Eric Dax I'm on ya'll's blogrolls, so I assume you hear when I update. Counting you to pass this along!

Odds and Ends


Rob does have a tendency to be a tad blunt. However, this post is interesting enough to share.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Soda To Be Sold In Stores - News - 'Banned' Aphrodisiac Soda To Be Sold In Stores

Ahem, I have no problem with the cherry. But that first ingredient sounds a bit too close to guano, aka pigeon plop.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Happy Birthday!


Excuse me while I borrow. Happy B'day, Jimmy. My present to you is to not share your age.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Primetime Promos


During SuperBowl XL, there were a lot of ads, which made for a longggggg game. Saw plenty of hype for certain ABC shows, too. Uh folks, when you make shows that are takeoffs on current shows, it doesn't always work. Evidence is ABC's version of CSI. Sons and Daughters stinks, has GOT to go. Waited to see if Boston Legal would have a promo. They did. With a couple of name actors who are making guest star appearances. Note to producers: they won't help sagging ratings if the show is not solid to begin with. You didn't ask, but there you go. One puzzle: Candice Bergen Emmy Winner? I thought about it. She was nominated for both a Golden Globe and a SAG award (bad title, at least it isn't SAGGY awards) , neither recieved. She came into BL late in Season 1. Then it hit me: of course! She does have Emmys for Murphy Brown. Or were they hinting she should get one this fall? Yes, I'll watch tomorrow. My review will be up by Thursday a.m.

The Good Bad and Ugly Superbowl Ads


Why is it that beer companies can make solid winners while everyone else misses the mark? The Busweiser pony was probably the standout. Leonard Nimoy is going to be back in the spotlight. So is Richard Dean Anderson "McGyver"-Mastercard. Just as the game went, second half of ads were stronger. Jessica Simpson's PizzaHut and Diddy's DietPepsi were hardly worth hype. Speaking of, why in the world would J.S. bring Hazzard to mind? The Hummer was interesting. stunk as did Emerald Nuts. Kermit's Green SUV and Sharpie's shark were cute, but wasn't there supposed to be an ad with Miss Piggy?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Books galore


In the past couple of weeks, I have been inundated by books. Books from my local library ,from my church, from BookCrossing, and one review selection from blogcritics. Every one except that third item has a due date of sorts. While I would have had plenty of time to get various stuff back where they belong, my review item kinda takes precedence. However, I started reading yesterday. It won't take long.

Incompetence in Action

Top News Article

The captain and crew need to be fired and banned from ever working on a passenger ship again. Enough said.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Whaddya ya have?


Tried and true Southerners recognize my title from the Varsity counter.
Part of my daily routine is reading other people's blogs. Why? As a Blogcritic, I am held responsible for maintaining one. It helps to know what bloggers are interested in. They can also provide a post. Such as Elisson's choice debate. I will, however, admit to a small detail: doing so and linking to the posts which others write means I have a bigger chance to someone will take pity on me and add me to the blogroll. Two already have.

Here's my choices: Coke of Pepsi? (HATE pepsi, but adore Dr. Pepper. Coke if no DrP available) McDonald's or BK? Mickey D's-can't beat their fries. Publix or Kroger? Publix for quality even though Kroger's is cheaper. Discuss and leave comment.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Uga's Last Stand


Okay, I admit it. I didn't go to UGA (gasp!), although half my high school did. That was one reason I chose not to go. Could I have gotten in? Probably, assuming I had attempted enrollment when I applied to other places. Now would be tricky. I'm not keen on the school, but this from Key is my grudging nod to that well school in Athens.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Another season at Sundance


Perhaps the best known independent film festival happened in Colorado last week. Out of all the clips I saw advertised for various films coming out, two I highly recommend:
The Darwin Awards, (based on the book I assume) starring the late Chris Penn, brother of Sean
Mystery-think The Aristocrats (which reminds me, need to rent) this time uses a fascination with crossword puzzles.
Robert Downey Jr. also has one that might be worth your time and $10, Google it.