Thursday, September 30, 2004

Your Ignorance is Showing


Checked my Inbox today, and over fifty emails were waiting. And it had almost nothing to do with the Presidential debate tonight. Yikes! Luckily, I know how to spot "red flags" which tell me deletion is safe. However, managed to find a few which should have been PM'd. Nothing offensive, just some management issues. Sometimes, the entire group would benefit. But when you only need to tell one person something, use the individual email. Sheeesh. That should be Group Management 101. Although I could have done without certain continuing threads of a message board. People, if you have to show your ignorance, poor grammar abilities, or bad attitude, PM the person you got mad at directly.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Political Eve


Well, tomorrow is the night of the first political debate of two candidates running for President. One current political incumbent, and another challenger. Okay, there are technically three candidates, but Ralph Nader hardly counts. Unless, of course, you would rather have a fresh option for Commander in Chief. The only thing which an Independent does is to divide up the final vote. Think about it. Whoever wins has to win more than fifty percent. Down here in GA, that number is 50% plus one vote. So, Americans might see a runoff down the line. Forget the December run of the Superdelegates. Do we really want to see Kerry and Bush repeat what happened four years ago? Even if Bush wins, he can only serve one more term in office. Unfortunately, that sets the stage for Cheney to step up to the plate and put Republicans in office for four terms. Yikes! Personally, I think the debate to watch is Cheney versus Edwards, but, of course, after tomorrow, water coolers will hum when viewers try and prove why, where, and how their favorite politician plans to win. One good point, it will be an improvement over hurricane disection.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Okay, so it's been a while


Have yet to totally get the hang of this blogging thing. However, somedays there seems like there is not much to write about. Especially when someone journals each day as I do. Hurricane Jeanne apparently has swept through. Thank goodness. And even better, the season has not predicted much more beyond this. Floridians, I do not think, could handle much more than what they have goen through already.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Judge upholds Falmouth playground ban

Judge upholds Falmouth playground ban

Have mixed feelings when I read this. On one hand, I understand how someone with Asperger's Syndrome does not quite fit in with others. How, you ask? Simple, I have it myself. However, I'm siding with school officials on this one. This kid basically said, "I won't do it, and you can't make me.". Oh yes, they can. When you are in a position of authority, you have the right to expect that those under your authority need to respect it. I mean, if this had been an employee who refused to follow policy, that person would be fired without a second thought. This child's problems, though, are no excuse for him to act out. What are parents today teaching their children? Growing up, I had to do what my parents said, or face consequences. When I was at school, I had to follow the rules there also. More and more, I have found that parents are not teaching respect at home. Why then, are we so surprised that discipline problems are on the rise? All the school asked was that this child not come back to the playground until it could be determined how to best handle his behavior. Perhaps by working with a new counsellor, this child could be taught how to do better in a school environment.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

I don't get it

Explain something to me. Why is it, in a land of opportunity, where one can acquire the latest and greatest merely by waving some cash around, we still have not retained the common sense to stay off a cell phone while driving? I was downtown with my mom recently and we were trying to get across the intersection by foot. More than once, I saw drivers navigating the quick and dangerous turns with one hand while gabbing away on the phone with another. It's just as dangerous to be hands free-it's your concentration, stupid! If you are chatting away, more than likely your attention is not on the road in front of you. Even a split second of inattention can make a world of difference. Think about it-it only takes a second to lean down and change the channel on your radio or turn around and try to quiet your kids. That's when you will not realize the car ahead hit its brakes or someone loses control and starts spinning towards you.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Wow! This is from NOAA. It's a picture of Hurricane Jeanne (pronounced Jean), the next on the list of storms to fly in. Perhaps it can bring up that missing alligator swimming somewhere in the Alabama floodwater residue.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Connecting the Dots--What is it like to live with Asperger's Syndrome?

Connecting the Dots--What is it like to live with Asperger's Syndrome?
Here is something I wrote about myself earlier this year. Enjoy! - 'Batman'�freed after palace stunt - Sep 14, 2004 - 'Batman'�freed after palace stunt - Sep 14, 2004

Can you believe this? Evidently, Hurricane "Ivan the Terrible" blew the Caped Crusader all the way up to the walls of Buckingham Palace. Not only that, it sent a man sliding down the bars of a lion's cage so that he could read Scripture to his newly found audience. Talk about making headline news.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

TCS: Tech Central Station - Blogs v. 60 Minutes

TCS: Tech Central Station - Blogs v. 60 Minutes

Here's my take on this: whether or not the documents reflect the truth about Pres. Bush's time in the National Guard, there have always been questions about exactly what happened. Did he fulfill his duties when he finally decided his country was worth the effort? Why did he skip a physical? Not because he was actually sick or had a family emergency, there would be a record of that. Besides, Dubya would have stated that up front. To top this, Kitty Kelley's book just came out. She points out that routine drug tests were going on during that time. And Dubya has freely admitted he used to be an addict. At least John Kerry can prove his service record with facts.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

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