Friday, February 10, 2006

Take One Down Pass it Around


There is a new meme going around. 8 Requirements for a Perfect Romantic Partner. (It was a bit more than that, but my mother reads this)
1. He must be a he.
2.Brains needed. Having Asperger's Syndrome makes communicating tricky, but I want a man with either a degree or experience to talk with his head and not somewhere else.
3. Attractive. At some level, I want to his looks to appeal.
4. Financially stable. Notice I did not say rich. I want someone who does not need support to pay bills, student loans, or taxes. He should be able to say same.
5. Who does not need me. As an only child, I can entertain myself nicely without depending on someone else to entertain. Clinging vines don't interest me much.
6. I'm used to sharing space with little or no talking between people in the room. Conversation's fine, but silence is golden.
7. Be ready and willing to go out in a while. I love going to gallery openings and community events.
8. Flexibility. Things happen.

Tagging: Eric Dax I'm on ya'll's blogrolls, so I assume you hear when I update. Counting you to pass this along!

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