Wednesday, May 18, 2005

You know it's a slow news day when..


the focus is on stories that did not need focus to begin with. I feel sorry for 24 hour stations- the easiest way for them to have coverage is by rehashing. Worse yet, by repeating segments to fill out an hour. People have been known to call news conferences for pointless speeches.
What is today's theme? Judgeships. Specifically, the fight between Frist and Reid up in Congress. (You'd think they'd be focusing on reelections next year) Took poli sci, so have some concept of how it works. Let's see, Senate has two people from every state represented, so that's 100. D.C. gets one, too. Will they all agree on everything? Of course not. Now then, the judges being talked about are not Supreme-those serve for life until death or retirement. Since neither has occured, assuming the theme is Circuit- um, as in appeals? Try to remember the Terri Schaivo mess. Frist wants an up/down vote, whatever that is. Reid points out, correctly, that a tiny handful have gotten rejected out of everyone "nominated".
Reporters could handle this. Sit, watch, and tell about what happened in there. After all, it's their job. Totally unnecesary live footage.

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