Sunday, May 01, 2005

Carl Hiassen calling for Julia Roberts - Prosecutor looks into possible charges for runaway bride

Getting cold feet is nothing new. History is rife with stories of people being left at the altar for any number of reasons, whether logical or not. In fact, Sgt. Bilko, starring Steve Martin, has scenes depicting his nearly fatal loss of his long planned nuptials.
What makes this case so odd is that it seems to have long been pre-planned. Guilty beyond a reasonable doubt appears evident with the recounting of the final hours before this story ended. The phone call made to 911, the details clearly given.
Coming home was the most unique. Why the blanket? It's not as if the country did not already knew what Jennifer looked like. Her hair was just a little shorter. If anything, it only drew more attention. With all the manpower spent in the hunt for the truth, she needs to be held accountable for her actions. Paying restitution and many many hours of community service for lying to law enforcement (which is a crime, btw) is the fair and proper action.

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