Saturday, May 14, 2005

She's Got It


Was in Tuesday Morning the other day, looking with my mom for a suitcase to take on her trip. Got to the checkout line and noticed this woman and a young child (spoke coherently, but not in first grade yet). Anyway, while she was trying to pay, he brought up a toy motorcycle and said, "I want you to buy me this". In other words, not in cart to begin with. Uh oh. When she said no, he started screaming. Not crying, not lying on the floor with arms and legs flailing. But screaming, "I don't want to put it back!" and "I want it!" She tried reasoning. He was determined. She stuck to her guns, though. Not sure if she paid for her purchases or not, although I do not seem to recall seeing a bag in her hand as they left. He kept going. She got him to the car, buckled in his car seat, and said "We're going home". That set off a new rage, "But I don't wanna go home!". My respect for her parenting skills went up greatly that day. No spanking (other customers might have been okay with it this time), no yelling. Just removal and carrying through on her words. It wasn't her fault her son was being a whiny selfish brat, but there was a decision to be made. The Brat did not win.

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