Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Does your computer read minds?


Mine seems to. I opened my email today, and saw over 100 emails! That did not worry me much. Usually, I can delete about one third of them without reading. Knew part of the problem was the leftover unread ones from the night before. Working on a limited time schedule, had less than an hour to work on some things. Finished up my review of Ya Yas in Bloom (fun book), and logged on. Over 100 emails! So, thought I should go ahead and delete. The computer refused to acknowledge my superiority over it, and promptly locked up. When I got it back in line, remembered the library books I wanted to renew. So found the site, but the page format had changed. Yikes! Took me far longer than the two minutes it should have. Finally got done, and was able to delete some much needed wasted space in Yahoo.
Today, had to work quickly to rummage through Yahoo since I had a dental appt. later. More than once, lock up. And when you just read one email before the lockup, major problem. Fit seems to have gone now. Whew!

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