Thursday, May 12, 2005

A memo of May


With the advent of May's second weekend close at hand, America has seen the day set for Mothers and the Memory cherished by Mexico. However, it also marks something else. You see, the television season comes to a close this month. What started back in September finishes out the last original episode before going to reruns. WestWing is gone, Lost and Desperate Housewives will soon end, CSI: NY goes out with a bang next week. and Boston Legal exited long ago. (Whatever possesed ABC to rid itself of one of the best written as well as acted shows on television is beyond me. Sigh. It has been renewed, luckily. Even so, Spader's time on death row leaves room for another episode)
That being said, shows who are not affected by the season are also gearing up for Sweeps. When audiences are glued to their sets, so content had better be big. Looking through a couple of websites, saw something that horrified me. Oprah goes on the air tomorrow with "An Oprah intervention". Yikes! Forget the fact that she is not trained to do so. At least Dr. Phil has the background to give advice to his guests. Had a minister at church who did these. Took hours on end to set everything up, then set events into motion. Is this what sensationalism has come to?

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