Monday, May 09, 2005

Where does the GA school system get its brains?


Why is it that when something happens in a school system, a close look at the facts show a stupendous lack of common sense? In a town called Dacula (much to my dismay, in GA), a teacher has recently been let go from the position he held for over two decades. Why? Grade fixing. Or rather, not fixing. You see, this teacher has a policy of lowering grades for falling asleep in class or not completing assignments. Clearly spelled out in the syllabus. And ALL students signed and agreed. Well, one day, a student fell asleep. The assignment in was perfect, and then the teacher looked around and saw the note about the student who slept. Grade went down. Perhaps a bit too far, but policy followed. Child complained to parents, then dad went to talk to principal. WHY? After much wrangling, teacher fired. Appeal pending. What makes this news? Simple. The kid was an star athlete. Forget teacher's time of employment, or that the kid broke a rule EVERYONE knew. No, No, cannot get in the way of my child's sports career. Why in the world didn't the parents ask if kid knew rule, and when answer "yes" , say, you broke it, you accept responsibility for the consequences? Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't the purpose of school be to get an education?

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