Wednesday, May 04, 2005 - Dear John get a clue - Dear John

This says it better than I ever could. After seeing that clip of John declaring on FOX news that he made a comittment and he would stand by Jennifer, the first thought most people had was "How sweet!" Right?
Has it occurred to him that his fiancee not only did not have the strength to say "We need to talk" but left him high and dry? The police were getting ready to declare him the prime suspect, even though he passed the lie detector test with flying colors. With the aftermath of Lacey and Lori hacking, I can understand why. He was the last person to see her before she hopped a bus.
Even that, she had planned it well in advance nearly a week before.
To top it off, she LIED to law enforcement, which is considered a felony in some cases. The worst of this mess was that she caused many people to put in more than a few hours looking for her, thinking she actually might have been hurt or worse.
Stay by her if you must. But do NOT get married.

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