Monday, May 23, 2005

But I don't wanna wear my seat belt!

WINK-TV Southwest Florida's News Leader

You'd expect that from a two year old. But a teenager? This incident was news for more reasons than misbehavior.
Yes, three people bear parts of blame. Not equally. Leave it to Fla. to give the person with most burden a lesser charge. According to news reports, charges were made before tape "became available". As in, pre lawyers? State's Attorney should reassess, fast.
Bus driver needs to be fired. There is no excuse for what HE did. Those boys, however, need to be hauled into principal's office and told in no uncertain terms that bus is a PRIVILEGE, not a given. And those in authority schoolwise deserve respect. I agree completely with suspension for one who threw punch.
Parents should lay down the law and tell their sons "You disrespected a school official and embarrassed our family. Consequences are going to be more than what the school punished you with". And stick to them.
Oh, not wearing seatbelt? that needs to be an automatic punishment of some sort for ALL students.

Acidman was Fit to be Tied over this and so were his readers.

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