Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Runaway Bride runs out of Options


D.A. Danny Porter has announced that a Gwinnnett County grand jury has indicted Jennifer Wilbanks, aka the "Runaway Bride", with two counts of criminal misconduct. One is those is a felony charge. She lied to law enforcement saying she had been kidnapped and taken away to another state. She bought a bus ticket several days in advance and called a taxi to take her to the bus station. Not to mention she caused more than a few people to begin a search pattern. This is hardly a surprise. But to offer 13 grand as repayment when the costs involved were at least twice that? That needs the book thrown at her.

Acidman and Key have both previously mentioned this story in their blogs. Can't wait to see what they write this time..

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Chump said...

Runaway brides make me laugh. They always have.