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TV Review Warehouse 13 "Resonance"


Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) and Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly) may work for the government, but at least their Secret Service assignemnt was a simple one - protect the President. What may have gone unspoken was understood, that your life could be forfeit in the process.

Warerhouse 13, however, is a whole new ball game. Artifacts are collected over time and kept in one spot. Every so often, an item goes astray and has to be retrieved. Generally speaking, this means post haste. A series of bank robberies take place in Chicago. This is not an uncommon occurence. Criminals who do not use a gun enseure Pete and Myka are on the case. They just have to deal with Agent Bonnie (Tricia Helfer Battlestar Galactica) of the FBI, who is not happy to have help.

Seeing McClintock and Helfer face off is a sweet touch! It wasn't too long ago each played a goverenment agent - he in Bones and she in Burn Notice. Kelly is the tough as nails operative who goes by procedure. A three way conflict reminds viewers there is a cop feel to the science fiction.

In the midst of this, Artie (Saul Rubinek) is having issues of his own. Someone breaks through the firewall and locks on the computer array. Leena (Genelle Williams), the bed and breakfast owner and a secret keeper herslf, is nearby when Artie breaks the news of where the hacker is located. Hello Dickenson (Simon Reynolds)! He who would like nothing better than to have Lattimer and Bering work for him again. The instant I hear this, I had to wonder if Dickenson himself is the actual culprit. Why? A computer person does not have to use his or her own computer to do the task in question. Seems to me Artie might consider this.

Yet another toy is uncovered in this episode when Artie's camera flattens Dickenson literally into a cardboard cutout. Whether or not the former boss is involved is for you to find out. There is, though, a conspiracy afoot. Or so it seems, anyway.

Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) may not not be the head of the food chain when it comes to the Warehouse. The obnly thing anybody knows for sure at this point is a falshabck to Artie's younger days suggests he has already met this person or group during his career or lifetime.

Since this show wants to draw in viewers badly (premiere season, they are hoping to get a new one down the road), guest stars are coming from other science fiction shows and peope who are recognizable. You may not remember the name, but there is an aha! feeling of seeing the actor somewhere before. How cool would it be for a Fringe type moment when Leonard Nimoy popped up in the Season One finale? For the record, nothing I've seen has suggested Mr. Spock is on the guest list. A well known face of the hacker may just be what brings in even more viewers for a fresh season.

Does this show deserve one? Maybe. I need to see more episodes first, but I do enjoy watching. So far, anyway.

Bering gives us a glimpse into her personal life. A cell phone call from home rattles her greatly. Pete, the observant type, inquires as to why. We find out her dad is not the easiest person to be around. She compares, in fact, him to the main character in The Great Santini by Pat Conroy. Hmmmm..... should we get to meet this person, I have an idea for the actor. Kevin Tighe. Desoto from Emergency and more recently Locke's father on Lost. Watching Tighe is not always comfortable, which is why I think he could do well in the part.

There is also a hint of some scandal in Bering's life. Could she have been having an affair with Sam, her now deceased partner? It's not out of the question, although not much is known yet. All anybody knows about the Denver incident was is something goes wrong and Sam ends up dead.

With Fringe on hiatus until who knows when, this is the show to watch! What it needs more than anything, however, is a viewership which is consistent up to and including the finale.

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