Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TV Review Eureka "Ship Happens"


As Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and the rest of the town discovered last week, a spaceship landed in the middle of an open field after sending out signals for weeks. The problem was trying to figure out whether they were from a friend or a foe. Only Henry (Joe Morton) deciphered the clues - a flag appeared on the bottom. American.

Henry tells Jack (Colin Ferguson) he is responsible for building the thing. Twenty years ago, to be precise. A person tumbles out, and there's a doozy of a shocker - it's Kim Anderson! This would be the woman Henry lost a while back. One problem, she died. Which Zane (Niall Matter) is able to confirm after a check of the records.

I cannot be entirely sure whether this is the same actress who created the role. For some strange reason, an Internet search yields nothing on the topic. However, I will say this. Whoever claims responsibility for this script is to be commended. A character returns, but the storyline is true to her original death. The premise has Kim 2.0 as a computer who has memories of the original project Henry and Kim worked on. She's not a ghost. Or time traveler, for that matter.

Joe Morton shines as he attempts to figure out if his long lost love is right there in front of him. The scientist knows better, but the man struggles with all too human emotions. He's not the only one.

The show stealer this week? Fargo (Neil Grayston). He is only one of many who has an item used to make the spaceship landing pad. The townspeople teamed up to bring in much needed items ("If You Build It). A converter is swapped by accident, so Fargo snatched it back! Which wouldn't have been a problem except the guy dies. Oops. Grayston's panic as he realizes he could be in big trouble is highly amusing. So is the slap Jo (Erica Cerra) gives him to make him focus. The guilty look he displays at the ultimate Global Dynamics scene is even better.

Only in a science fiction television series would there be a bathing of cast members in a green light. Why is a little tricky to explain. It has to do with a computer virus which attacks anyone in direct contact. Disaster puts Zane in grave danger- you'll have to watch to see what happens.

A nice moment occurs as a street sign is highlighted to reveal its name of Archimedes. This man is credited with tons of discoveries, the most notable being his contributions to the field of mathematics. More than likely, his work is used for the data transfer out of Kim 2.0's memory bank into a research file. She also uses it to demonstrate how long the process would take if she wrote everything out.

Now, I have to wonder if the Artifact is planning to come back into play. This ran through storylines from the past two seasons as highly coveted. Beverly Barlowe (Deborah Farentino) vanished from Eureka in the quest to keep it out of the wrong hands ("A Night at Global Dynamics"). While I am not eager to see her character return, Kim Anderson has me at least considering the continuation of the storyline.

Tess (Jaime Ray Newman) and Jack hold hands during a meteor shower. This seems a bit odd for them to be a couple. Newman is decent, and I have to admit liking her onscreen persona more than Frances Fisher as Eva Thorne. Still. The purpose of her being in town is something of a mystery, and any purpose remains elusive. She should leave before too long, and give viewers a much needed break for a bit.

Jo and Zane are turning into a power couple, as this week clearly demonstrates. These two are a good team. The bad boy versus the strong willed woman. Both are having their edges softened, which is hardly a bad thing.

What happened to Zoe (Jordan Hinson) and Vincent (Chris Gauthier)? They give value to the show by bringing a balance to the work going on at the lab. Gauthier is especially fun as he throws many a zinger at the other cast members.

For a show which has become extremely popular, these last few weeks are duller by comparison with the first two episodes this time around. Only about a month of shows are left before the season comes to a close. The best just might be on their way.

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