Sunday, August 30, 2009

TV Review Eureka "You Don't Know Jack"


Memory. It's a weird thing. While there are no guarantees of an item sticking, some people can get things to be held onto for a long time. Tess (Jaime Ray Newman) decides she can increase the odds of retention by creating a StoryNest. Think of a time capsule, and you get the idea. Upon first glance, this does not seem too bad. Give townspeople a glowing orb and tell them to think of a special time or person. Once compiled, they are stored together in one central spot. Dr. Douglas Fargo (Neil Grayston) throws the project into chaos, and hilarity begins!

I have to feel a certain degree of sympathy for Fargo. After all, it's better to be thought of as a person highly capable than a consistent mistake maker. Therefore, the solution is a simple one. Put in a memory where he is deemed smarter, and remove those which have him acting like a birdbrain. However, more than a few are hit with selective amnesia. Jo (Erica Cerra) forgets the soup she orders, and what kind. No biggie. The trouble arises when those who work at Global Dynamics forget about the once a year cleaning of their facility.

Allison (Salli Richardson Whitfield) and Jack (Colin Ferguson) are trapped inside the lab where Tess works. In order for them to get out, Allison needs to override the system. Obviously, Jack cannot. Cue the flashbacks!

For viewers who are not regular fans of Eureka, each set of clips relate to a particular theme. The writers did a clever thing. A few characters no longer with the show are added in. Ed Quinn was nice to have back, even if it was only here and there. Frances Fisher shows up in a scene from "Bad to the Drone". Matt Frewer is in one too. My guess is that most clips are from the first season. Even Christopher Jacot pops up when Frances Fisher does. If his name is not familiar, he walks into Cafe Diem with Fisher.

Jordan Hinson does a nice turn as Zoe tries to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She is not far from graduating high school, and most people in town are way beyond where she is now. Clarity comes, but the answer is still waiting to be fully discussed.

Allison gives birth! A daughter named Jenna, after Nathan's mother She wisely decides to use Nathan's last name of Stark. The baby is his for sure. The blessed event is made even more delightful with Grayston's reaction. Maternity leave now places Tess in charge for a while.

Vincent (Christopher Gauthier) has an advanced degree, who knew?! A nice little tidbit which explains how he comes up with such interesting menu items.

Due to the Labor Day weekend coming up, it will be two more weeks before a new episode appears. However, there is a special item planned. August 4th is a day of Viewer Choice Eureka shows. Fans will at least be able to see past favorite moments. They can also catch some of those episodes they never saw the first time around.

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