Thursday, August 13, 2009

TV Review Eureka "If You Build It"


Ships and smart cars and zombie teens oh my! Amazingly, all three of these are in the same episode of Eureka. Leave it to the brains to make cars which practically drive themselves to various destinations without any effort on the part of the owner. How? By means of computer programmed streets. Think of cars which have the ability to park with the touch of a few buttons. It already exists in some cars on the market. Add in voice command and hands free steering and you get the idea. Sort of. The visual image is easier than any written description. Go watch.

Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson), the town Sheriff, is hardly comforted by the newfangled vehicles. Zoe (Jordan Hinson), his daughter, is behind the wheel. She's a sensible young woman who still goes through her share of teenage troubles. This is mild compared to the sudden rash of stuff stolen suddenly. A cute moment takes place since Jack's desk chair is among the missing. He notices, but not before he falls to the floor. Investigation is required.

The set designer should be pleased with the efforts of crew to turn a field into a towering junkyard. Large metal piles give historians a gleeful look into modern day culture. Even the kitchen sink! How perfect. Each stack forms a small mass, and they are laid out nicely in a pattern. Could they be waiting for something?

Salli Richardson Whitfield does a smart turn having to deal with the possibility of danger ahead. Allison, her character, takes her job seriously. There must be preparation for an attack. Throw in raging hormones via pregnancy, and nerves are bound to fray. Jamie Ray Newman, or Tess Fontana, as viewers are well aware, plays her scientist role with passion. A chance like no other could be looming, so why in the world would a gun be raised? Better an outstretched hand. General Mansfield has given orders. He doesn't appear onscreen often, fortunately. Barclay Hope is a decent actor, but he works better on an occasional basis. Loaded weapons are just in case.

The drama builds while townspeople wait on the whatever. I won't ruin the surprise, but it's where the thing came from, rather than what it actually is. Henry (Joe Morton) steps up just in time - the absolute last minute. My favorite part is the downward flop. You'll see it when you watch.

Fargo (Neil Grayston) and Larry (Christopher Jacot) provide the comic relief. The car with more than a few quirks only serves as the catalyst for their ongoing feud of hatred. It takes Jo (Erica Cerra) to figure out the car is only a metaphor in regards to Fargo's relationship issues. He's a nice guy, but useless when it comes to being around women. Too bad. A sly reference to Knight Rider pops up in the form of Tabitha, the talking car who is more than a bit of trouble. A certain trunk scene is laugh out loud funny. Even better is the line "What goes on in the trunk, stays in the trunk". Jacot and Grayston play off one another with perfect precision.

Zane's back! Niall Matter delivers the snark, but also has a great range of emotion. He is completely believable when he shatters the misconceptions of Jack in regards to the town trouble. With Zane around, Tess and her mania are balanced out. Perhaps she can go on a hiatus before too long? For someone who is only supposed to be a recurring character, Newman has been consistently in each episode since her first appearance in "Insane in the P-Brane". Consider who she replaced. Frances Fisher and Ed Quinn. Those two were much stronger.

Half the series is left before the season finale on Sept. 11. now that what's coming has pretty much arrived, the storyline should probably turn to why. Rumor has it two characters from the previous two seasons are scheduled for a return. While it could be anyone, more than likely these won't be unknown persons.

Stay tuned!

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