Thursday, August 27, 2009

TV Review Warehouse 13 "Duped"


Calling all science fiction fans! While the plot this week is typical, go gt the Artifact, the two guest stars are crowd pleasers. Erica Cerra and Niall Matter, whom Eureka fans know as Jo Lupo and Zane Donovan. Neither showed much in the diverse range department, although Matter has a bit of cleverness in a trapped room scene with Joanne Kelly, playing Secret Service Agent and Artifact grabber Myka Bering.

Cerra and Matter portray a married couple who win at the casino. This wouldn't be unusual, since a victory now and then keeps people coming back for more. However, the streak is so high that it gives Artie (Saul Rubinek) cause for concern. Bering and Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock) head for Vegas to find out why. If only things were this simple.

The Warehouse, you see, contains all sorts of stuff. Each is unique in form and function. One rather large object is a mirror with ties to Lewis Carroll. Who? The author of Alice in Wonderland. Mirrors are made to reflect. This one in particular has the reflection come alive, in a manner of speaking. Astute viewers will recall Pete playing ping pong against his backwards image a few episodes back. The writers take the concept a but further by scripting an interaction between it and the mirrored disco ball from Studio 54. Suffice it to say there is trouble ahead.

It seems Carroll does not write a sweet story about a girl who dresses up to have tea with her closest friends. Alice is actually descending into madness with Carroll scribbling down the details. Poor Myka gets caught in the middle, literally. An Alice who needs a psych ward badly flies inside Myka's body while the real one is trapped in the mirror itself. Artie figures out the truth by a certain body movement. Here's a hint - Pete tells you what it is in the scenes before the opening credits.

Joanne Kelly plays a double role this time around, which gives audience members a chance to see a new side of her. It's markedly different than the uptight federal intelligence officer she typically plays. A nod to her stint on The Dresden Files, perhaps. With the little black dress, though, McClintock should have been wearing a tux. Come to think of it, Matter should have had one on too. The casino is classy, befitting high rollers. I can't think of a man alive who does not look good in a penguin suit.

McClintock tends to get some of the best lines, and the "Let's stay together" is a clever one. Since he doesn't actually sing the line, the effect isn't coming off as cheesy.

The kiss between Cerra and Matter is old hat. They play a couple on Eureka whose commitment is deep. I would not be surprised to find out they are dating when the cameras are off. McClintock and Kelly kissing is another issue altogether. More than likely, they enjoyed the moment. She is an attractive woman, and he has been an actor long enough to know how to lock lips. Emily Deschanel would likely agree. The chemistry with those two on Bones was nice to watch. I digress, though.

Claudia (Allison Scagliotti Smith) returns, and her camera is critical to cracking the case wide open. She now knows about McPherson, the old friend of Artie's who is reeking havoc ("Implosion"). For now, she and Leena (Genelle Williams) have not come into direct contact with the man. This is a good thing. This guy is ruthless, and will stop at nothing to rule the day. Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) and company are going to have their hands full once everybody meets again.

Artie and Mrs. F know all too well a Warehouse agent is easily killed in the line of duty. Any loss is heartbreaking, and this causes them extra concern. Everyone is critical to the team. Pete and his compassion, Myka with her logical precision, Claudia's gadgets, and a working knowledge of the system by Artie along with Mrs. Frederic. Even Leena contributes by a strong intuition, although this might be better described as extra sensory perception.

While only a handful of episodes are left in this season, talk on the Internet says a Season 2 renwal has taken place. This might be a good time for actors identified with cast members to show up. As in Bones people. John Francis Daley or Michaela Conlin come to mind. The Dresden Files lead character makes a lot of sense for a show with odd goings on. Rubinek is known for his work on Frasier. David Hyde Pierce? Admittedly, he poses a problem since he works on Broadway. Scheduling conflicts, not his acting ability. Pounder, I believe, was on ER sometime ago. There's boatload of folks who can be added, however I will mention one name in particular. Laura Innes, who longtime fans know as Dr. Kerry Weaver.

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