Tuesday, August 25, 2009

TV Review Eureka "Shower the People"


There's just no telling what life may bring. Each season is a time of new beginnings and a point at which things may come to a close. For Jack (Colin Ferguson) and Henry(Joe Morton), the concept is understood all too well. As the Sheriff, Jack Carter has seen his share of crimes being committed by all sorts of people. No matter how much he may like the person, a lawman has no choice but to put his badge first. Good thing evidence can show the truth and clear a suspect pool of the ones who don't deserve the close scrutiny.

Henry Deacon, the town's mayor, sees it slightly differently. Why not? After all, he once spent time behind bars for nearly closing down Global Dynamics, a research lab which employs more than a few local citizens, for good ("A Night at Global Dynamics"). When confronted, he stepped up to the plate of responsibility. Jack made the arrest himself. Another could have, but Jack knew his friend deserved better.

This week's episode is a powerful one. To start with, a woman drowns in her car. A stretch? Well, maybe not. She might be more likely to be discovered in the engine since that's where the radiator is. However, this is science fiction. One allows a few liberties. The next woman's death helps connect the dots. Almost. Fargo (Neil Grayston) performs the autopsies. He IS a doctor, but the true cause of death is made by Jack adding in one more piece of the puzzle. A sauna is part of it, but you should watch to understand everything.

Tess Fontana (Jaime Ray Newman) gets hurt in the process, which ups the ante of suspense a bit. It's about time something serious happened to her. Giving Jack the elevator scene is a nice touch. Shouldn't CPR include compressions? Ferguson is solid as he realizes a woman he cares for is in trouble, and the emotional blow is hard on him. Grayston is pitch perfect as Fargo recognizes he has the unenviable task of delivering tough news of a hard reality.

Henry has a worse time. The return of a computer who bears the exact image of the woman he loved and lost now has a glitch. Morton and Billy Campbell (The 4400, Once and Again) are nicely suited for the conflict between science and the heart. Kim 2.0, or Tamlyn Tomita as fans well know, is on a mission to deliver information Global Dynamics needs, and badly. Campbell's character, Dr. Manlyus, understands how critical the data retrieval is. Morton sees only his lost love. A tearjerker ending? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how one perceives the situation.

On a lighter note, Allison (Salli Richardson Whitfield) has her baby shower! This poor woman is ready to pop with child number 2. The father is Nathan Stark, although he has long since vanished from the scene. No, he did not abandon her outright. A certain particle accelerator was responsible ("I Do Over"). This celebration of new life is highly amusing. As Allison's birth coach, Jack gets a new appreciation of what the parenting experience is like.

Zoe (Jordan Hinson) and Vincent (Chris Gauthier) returned! they have a fun restaurant scene together. Once more, though, no Zane Donovan (Niall Matter). Drat.

Less than five episodes to go before the season finale. Couldn't Zane be brought back and Tess sidelined for at least one of those episodes? Newman can act, but she's been around since episode three ("Insane in the P-Brane"). It's long past time for her to be written out of something.

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bluesfancy said...

Could anyone please tell me who performed the song that played as Henry was saying goodbye to Kim 2.0?
It sounds a bit like Joe Morton himself, but I'm not quite sure. Thanks :)