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TV Review Warehouse 13 "Elements"


Items stolen from an auction is perfectly reasonable. After all, they would be sold for a pretty good amount of money. Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek) soon realizes there is an unusual history attached. Send in the retrieval team! For Mkya Bering (Joanne Kelly) and Pete Lattimer (Eddie McClintock), the task is made a little easier by a tip about two men who were high bidders for the final piece in a collection. Gilbert Radburn (James Naughton) is one potential suspect, but the more interesting is Jeff Weaver (Joe Flanigan Stargate Atlantis)

Why? Artie knew Weaver's father once. If the son is anything like him, our intrepid investigators should watch their backs with everything they've got.

This week is another one of those with a well known guest star so audiences will be drawn in. Does it work? The fact Flanigan was the lead role of a science fiction television series a while back helps somewhat. The fact of SG Atlantis having its series finale already has more to do with the story coming to a close than acting strength. So far, two actors connected to a scifi show have been part of Warehouse 13. One Ticia Helfer and Flanigan. They are from two different series, obviously. However, the hope is that fans will tune in even more to see a favorite celebrity in action.

The setup, although compelling, is a bit problematic. Chances are any viewer with common sense can narrow it down to one of the two men listed above. Equal are the odds of Naughton or Flanigan taking the role of villain. Who the culprit turns out to be is a surprise which is nicely laid out plot wise. I have to hand it to the writers for picking such a simple premise of using four elements to work as one. Each gives a unique power to the person who has them all. The special effects when they do is particularly nice.

Nielsen, though, has a bigger problem than whether or not his two field operatives bring back the artifact in question. He knows them well enough to realize they are fully equipped to do so.

Claudia (Allison Scagliotti-Smith) once kidnapped Nielsen for her own purposes ("Claudia"). The security breach is cause for concern. Worse yet, the woman has a brother,Joshua, a brilliant researcher who is now without a clue as to his next steps. Since the choices are limited as regards to safety, Artie finds him a job in Switzerland. This might be the last of Tyler Hynes, but this is also scifi. Anything can happen down the road.

Perhaps the character to watch this week is Leena (Genelle Williams), the psychic who runs the bed and breakfast ("Pilot"). She is quick to notice other people's emotions and quicker to understand what those mean. Williams might not have the same instant recognition the others have, but her appearances are always worth the wait. It is going to be interesting to see what her backstory is.

Much better job on the credits this time! For once, the top three characters have their pictures out beside the names of the actors portraying them. Hynes was left off the guest star list completely. Whoops! He appears in two episodes back to back, so it's not as if viewers would not recognize him. Could it have been left off on purpose, since the writers planned his exit well in advance of the character exiting? Possibly, but I don't agree with the reasoning if so.

Scagliotti-Smith has shown she has the acting chops to be an integral part of this cast. Claudia is a sassy genius who provides a stark contrast from the easygoing Pete and straightlaced Myka. She lives by the use of street smarts, which should prove very interesting to the Warehouse workings.

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