Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TV Review Castle "Inventing the Girl"


New York has all sorts of interesting activities to take part in, so it stands to reason Castle this week would use one as a plot point. The dead person is one Jenna McBoyd, a model whose rising star is snuffed out by something sharp. In other words, she has been stabbed. Since Fashion Week arrived, there is an easy list of people Caste (Nathan Fillion) aand Beckett (Stana Katic) should talk to. A label in Jenna's clothing gives them a place to start.

Most of the guest stars are playing roles which could, in theory, be played by anyone. Harper's Island fans will notice Matt Barr, formerly Sully, as Travis, Jenna's husband. Travis plays a much bigger role than you might think. I won't spoil things by revealing it here, but let's just say the final interrogation scene has a major twist.

Martha, the feisty mother to Castle, played wickedly well by Susan Sullivan, has her own substory as she tries out for a Broadway play. It's been a while since Martha last performed, so auditioning is even more important than it might be normally. She gets hired, but for a different role altogether. The scene on the couch between Castle and herself is touching with just the right touch of maudlin.

The part where Martha holds up her headshot was perfect. It's obviously of Sullivan as she is without the flaming hair and troweled on makeup. I remember seeing Sullivan years ago as Maggie on Falcon Crest. She really is adept at portraying a multitude of characters. Now then, when is Robert Foxworth going to make a guest appearance on this show? Chase and Maggie for a mini reunion. It has the potential to make an episode memorable.

Beckett was a model once, who knew? The picture is on the Internet, apparently. She may try and hide it from Castle, but you know it's only a matter of time before he runs across the dreaded photo. At any rate, Beckett will soon have other things on her mind than Net stuff. She is about to read the book where she serves as the inspiration for Nikki Heat, the main female character. This should keep going thruogh several scripts.

No mention of Becket's mom this week. Sooner or later, though, it will come up again. Mom is long dead, a victim of homicide. Others were killed around the same time, hardly unusual. Cities tend not to limit themselves to one person a day. However, somebody worked in the same company. Relevance? Perhaps not much. It does prove a potential link, which could mean a serial killer. Lanie (Tamala Jones), the medical examiner, could say for sure. She hasn't. Yet.

What happened to the chief (Ruben Hudson-Santiago)? He may not be critical to the plot as a whole, but he serves as a reminder that cops answer to authority and live by a code of conduct. They cannot run willy nilly into a crime and make assumptions as to whodunit. I assume he'll be back before too long.


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