Thursday, September 10, 2009

TV Review WH 13 "Breakdown"


Things happen in the warehouse but never like this! Pete (Eddie McClintock), Myka (Joanne Kelly), and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti Smith) have a serious situation on their hands after an incident with a self working vacuum. No, it didn't suck up a file belonging to Artie (Saul Rubinek). Worse. The cooling system got thrown offkilter. Add to that a can of sticky string and you start to get some idea of the picture.

Speaking of, Leena's house is an artifact! In theory, anyway. Pete realizes something might be inside, and the one the agents typically stay in is a newer model. A certain painting becomes critical to getting the intrepid trio out of a trap.

Bouncing balls made for one of the more lighthearted moments. Of course, these are not just any toys. It seems they were created as a death weapon. McClintock gets buried, which is a great visual scene.

Where is Artie, you ask? Out. He turns over a bunch of files to higher ups, but this is only the beginning. Send forth the Regents! This is the group which supervises the missions of Artie and his minions. Put it this way - Mrs. Frederic (CCH Pounder) reports to them as well. They are none too happy at what has been taking place with a few of the assignments and are now ready to call Artie on the carpet.

A key member is perfectly cast. Mark A. Sheppard, who science fiction fans know as Romo Lampkin on Battlestar Galactica , is introduced to viewers by the name of Benedict Valda. I can't help but think of either eggs, the traitor, or Dirk Benedict when it comes to the premiere moniker. The latter half is pure fiction.

Sheppard is spot on as the guy who wants Artie to get the job done right. He never yells, but the near menace is felt just the same. Were the writers thinking of Lampkin when Valda started to describe Artie's assumed sins? The pacing and list sharing of where Artie went wrong works for someone trained as an attorney.

The Regents themselves are a surprise. Ordinary looking folk, but with a whole lot of power. Again, Sheppard has a nice bit with the "What did you expect?" line. The softly spoken group of people who made an impact without standing out in a crowd gets the point across. Will we see Valda again? It's hard to say. He would probably do best popping up from time to time rather than each week.

By the way, is Artie married? He mentioned a father a bit back, but I thought I heard him mention a Nina in the small talk with Mrs. Frederic. Of course, it could very well be Leena.

Underlying all is McPherson, who Artie used to be friends with. He is taking his training as a former warehouse agent and reeking havoc. Artie might just be the only one who can stop him. Roger Rees does not make an appearance this episode as the cunning villain, but his picture shows up with the word 'wanted' written across it. He's completely ruthless, which should make for some interesting viewing.

With only two episodes left in this season, I have to assume McPherson shows up in both. Rees apparently signed a contract for a threeper. The Secret Service agents and their junior partner might be in for more than they think. Every mission so far has been fairly tame. McPherson is willing to kill anybody who gets in his way, which he has already proven ("Implosion"). What's to stop him from trying to kill one of the Warehouse agents?

Keep watching for more missions and answers to the biggest questions Tuesdays on Syfy!

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