Wednesday, September 23, 2009

TV Review Castle "Deep in Death"


He's back! For the second year in a row, Nathan Fillion returns with all new episodes of his hit television show Castle. The premise is simple enough. Fillion is Richard Castle, a bestselling author whose work is strikingly similar to crimes committed outside the written page. Once the police figure out they most likely have a copycat killer on their hands, the author is teamed with a female detective, Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) so his expertise can be used as a way to close the book, as it were, to many more crimes. The chemistry between Fillion and Katic cannot be stressed enough. it's almost Moonlighting, only with more wit.

When we last left these two. Castle had something to tell Beckett. This was not just any random piffle, but it concerned her deceased mother. ("A Death in the Family") Hard enough under regular circumstances. However, Castle knew Beckett told him to stay away from the case, since it was clear homicide. If he chose to ignore her, their partnership would be over.

Whoever hired these two actors made a smart move indeed. Watching Fillion try and redeem himself while Kantic seethes in a steady rage makes me want to see much more. There is a touching vulnerability of each person having to confront feelings long thought buried. I look forward to seeing more of this storyline. A serial killer might be involved. Why maybe? A major metropolitan city has things go on each day where more than one person gets hurt or dies. I'm not willing to connect the dots just yet.

A man dies and his body is found in a tree. Welcome to New York. Somehow, this seems perfectly natural. The ride to the morgue brings a twist which I'll let you watch for yourselves. The rumble almost gives everything away, but the medical examiner (Tamala Jones) and Castle are surprised anyhow. Go take a look.

Stephen J. Cannell and Michael Connelly make guest appearances in this episode. They play themselves, in a nice clip which discusses motive. Poker playing is only a prelude to the undercover gambling in Chinatown with the Russian mafia. Speaking of, Beckett speaks Russian! She explains by mentioning a semester in Kiev to her astonished colleagues. Considering how unusual Katic's name is, I think she is probably part Russian herself.

Part of the reason this show works so well is the glimpses of Castle's home life. Daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) and mother Martha (Susan Sullivan) provide a good balance to offset the grittiness of police work. Each is strong in her own right which helps when being thrust into the spotlight upon Dad's success.

Could Beckett's dad show up sometime later? Perhaps. The actor would have to be old enough to have fathered a woman now in her 30's. Kevin Tighe of Emergency fame? Sixty's or mid to late fifties would work. I get the impression Castle no longer has a living father.

Now that the first season has gotten its kinks out, it is time for some of Fillion's former castmates to show up. Firefly has some nice ideas, but it could be a bit tricky prying a few away from other series. Adam Baldwin is a prime example. Chuck takes up most of his time, and he's critical to the plots each week. Sean Maher makes sense, as does Alan Tudyk. Of course, Tudyk ahas Dollhouse and V on his plate already. Morena Baccarin is a series regular on V, so she's out. Jewel Staite? It could work. Gina Torres was supposedly in this episode. I don't recall seeing her, so let me know in the comments if you did. Once Summer Glau finishes with Dollhouse, she could be available for Castle.

Here's another idea. Somebody could come from Desperate Housewives, except Dana Delany. She is far too involved right now to appear anywhere else. My best guess is a dead person. Easy enough to retrieve one.

Sullivan is known for her work as Maggie on Falcon Crest. Robert Foxworth would be a great guest star! Lorenzo Lamas is getting his own reality show, but Ana Alicia is an option.

Tune in Mondays at 10pm for all new episodes of Castle!

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Julie said...

Good review of Castle. I started watching because I love Susan Sullivan, but stayed because the fantastic writing and characters.