Thursday, September 17, 2009

TV Review Eureka "Have an Ice Day"


Allison (Salli Richardson Whitfield) has gone on maternity leave. Tess (Jaime Ray Newman) is in temporary charge. Just another day in a town where most people are geniuses when it comes to scientific principles. Easy, right? Wrong!

Forget the fact Henry (Joe Morton) would have made a better choice for head person. After all, he has been part of the works since day one. Fargo (Neil Grayston), might be young, but he has been the assistant of Nathan Stark long enough to understand how things work. It seems Henry is helping out NASA with a project. The nice thing is that Joe Morton directed this episode, so he is still part of the process. Bring in Taggart (Matt Frewer).

Yes, the animal guy has returned. A trip to Australia gives him a detour into the world of ice. First of all, nice to see Frewer onscreen again. He is an expert at taking a few seconds of air time and making each one memorable. Fans of his will be delighted to know he is in the Syfy version of Alice in Wonderland coming in December. Remember The Tinman? This should be a new classic. Frewer plays the White Rabbit.

Back to the plot. Ice Rings function much like those of a tree, and tell much about civilization as a whole. Global Dynamics wants to study it. Taggart is heading the project. The system used for the purpose has been designed by Zane (Niall Matter). Yes, two recurring characters are back now. About time for both,

the writers wisely chose to fit in a storyline about Taggart leaving town without saying goodbye ("A Night at Global Dynamics"). Jo (Erica Cerra) was bereft, since she and Taggart once dated. now, what does new boyfriend do about a rival who comes as a blast from the past?

matter is pitch perfect while he basically turns his back on Jo. There's a reason, but it's not the obvious. Some clever film splicing puts Zane in a potentially compromising situation. I would not want to ruin a decent plot, but Zane goes back to his roots as troublemaker. There is something amiss, however. Why in the world is Jo around when Jack (Colin Ferguson) thinks the worst? Professional judgment is compromised by her emotions already. Jo should have been barred from working the case, as any good boss would do.

Zoe (Jordan Hinson) takes her college entrance exams. The twist comes from an aptitude test of what someone might be good at. Did a number get input wrong? Results are supposed to be highly accurate, but she gets some which make little sense. Lucas (Vanya Asher) just might get his heart broken before too long.

Speaking of Newman and Hinson, they may be signalling some cast changes. Newman is going to be a series regular on Eastwick. More than likely, Tess will be out the door with the finale next week. it's time for her exit anyway. Dying? I have no clue. It's been a close call before ("Shower the People"), but anything can happen on a science fiction show and does.

Hinson also has a new show under her belt. Hank, starring Kelsey Grammer. She's not the lead, so perhaps she can do both. After all, Eureka is a summer series.

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