Thursday, September 17, 2009

TV Review Warehouse 13 "Nevermore"


Any television episode titled "Nevermore" has got to have some references to Edgar Allen Poe. I just hope the estate of one of the darkest mystery writers get paid royalties as a courtesy. Most of the references this time are visual, always a nice touch.

The artifact in question is a two parter. The pen and the notebook which Poe used to compose his legends. The key is the black ink, which causes a nasty reaction if absorbed int the bloodstream. So who gets it? Myka (Joanne Kelly)'s dad! Played by Michael Hogan, Colonel Tigh to Battlestar Galactica fans, has an understated role as the crusty patriarch, but it works fine. He gets a book in the mail with Poe's writings. Since he touches the pages, he gets affected.

A boy in Portland OR gets the pen. the prep school attendee finds out words really do have power, and he uses it to destructive effect after being bullied gets to him. Write a word on paper, and the person who reads it must suffer the consequences. Here's where the illusions come into play. The Cask of Amontillado is revenge for a plot discovered. Clever! The Raven, obviously, is an escape route. The Pit and the Pendulum is almost cheesy, but memorable. The first note, however, is just payback.

Hogan and Bering have a few touching moments as the parent finally accepts what the child does. He knows nothing about her true job description, but understands she helped save his life. Perhaps next season can focus on Pete (Eddie McClintock) for a bit. This is different in that Pete's dad is dead, but he has a sister and, I assume, a mom.

McPherson (Roger Rees) returns! Rees and McClintock have a tension filled scene at the top of the episode, which works well in setting the mood. Back at headquarters, Artie (Saul Rubinek) and Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) wait with bated breath. The part where Artie speaks french to convince the Montreal cops they should close in quick is a nice touch! Rubinek is a native Canadian (as is Kelly), so the dialect is easy to accomplish.

I do have one nit. Diction, Diction, Diction! Kelly describes an artifact during the scene where Bering, Lattimer, and Rees confront each other. While I hear "lantern" fine, the owner's name got mangled up. Surely a trained professional can communicate effectively.

McPherson, naturally, blames Artie for his own actions. If Artie gave secrets to the Russians ("Implosion"), has it not occurred to anyone he was a double agent at the time? The woman Artie loved chose McPherson ("Implosion")! No, it's something else entirely. What is anybody's guess.

The Season finale is next week, which should be a big one. Especially if the Internet chatter is true, and the ending is only the start of a cliffhanger. Anything can happen, and don't be surprised if past guest stars show up. Hint, Hint to the creative team - Valda would be a nice treat to have stick around for a bit.

Tune in Tues. Sept 22nd to find out how Warehouse 13 finishes!

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