Monday, September 07, 2009

TV Review Warehouse 13 "Regrets"


The title of this week's episode says it all. When Pete (Eddie McClintock) and Myka (Joanne Kelly) are sent to a prison in Riverton, it is for the purpose of investigating the death of a prisoner who commits suicide. As it turns out, our victim is the fourth in the past two months. He killed a young woman during a hit and run, but there is more to the story. No surprise.

An inmate (Joe Morton Eureka), the self titled "Messiah" has been telling others that any regrets should not be a part of life. Although his message appears non-threatening at first, followers take on something of a cult status. Pete and Myka quickly sense they have a much bigger mystery on their hands. The impending tropical storm only adds to their uneasiness. I have to smile at the line where Pete mentions bones. A reference to his past work on Bones, maybe? Since there is supposed to be a Season Two, it might not be a bad idea to have one of the cast members from that show make a guest star appearance.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie (Saul Rubinek) is busy at work, trying to compose a piece of music for his father. Even though the elder Nielsen is still alive, there is a distance between them. A regret? Perhaps. Artie hopes he can shorten the gap with music to soothe the soul. Leave it to Claudia (Allison Scagliotti-Smith) to mess up his plans.

She tries to tighten a light bulb which has started to flicker. Who needs a ladder when Alessandro Volta's coat is stored nearby? The magnetic properties let her climb the closest structural support beam and screw the bouncing bulb back in place. One problem. The coat is uncontrollable. Before long, things start flying. Artie gets inventive to free her from her precarious perch.

This comedic bit is a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark storyline. The prison where Myka and Pete are sent has a special secret. Hallucinations are fast in their arrival. If one is not careful, the effect is devastating. For example, Pete sees his firefighter dad appear and accuse him of a death sentence. Why? Years ago, Pete sensed a snag in the works. He decided not to warn his dad, and his male parent went on to a life in heaven ("Pilot"). This is nothing to feel guilty about, Pete was only a kid at the time. McClintock works the poignancy angle as he comes to terms with his loss. One can easily see just how much he cares.

Myka has her own loss to deal with. Sam, the partner who died while they both served as Secret Service agents on Presidential detail ("Pilot") shows up again. He blames her, even though it was really his own fault. Viewers get to see how events unfolded through a flashback sequence.

All in all, this was one of this drama's best works. There was a glimpse into each of the main characters which is revealing. Is this the end of their stories? Probably not. Pete has not shown much of his family beyond his dad. Myka, for her part, is going to have to live with Sam's death for the rest of her life. Even though she does not cause it, it happens pretty much in front of her. At least Pete is spared the visual memory.

Only three episodes remain for the season. Be sure and catch them Tuesdays on SyFy!

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