Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TV Review CSI:NY "Veritas"


When we last left Det. Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise), he entered a bank robbery at the request of the perp, Joe (Elias Koteas), to prove he was not responsible for the bank manager's death. Even though the hostages were released, Joe forced Mac to get into an SUV and drive. It took only seconds for Mac to realize he had been set up ("Hostage").

If anyone honestly believed Mac Taylor would be dead in the Season Five premiere, I have pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge for sale. While anything can happen to any character, one rule of television is pretty much understood. Kill off the lead role, and the show is over. Even if the person is replaced, the show will never be the same.

By the time Det. Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes) and Det. Don Flack (Eddie Cahill) caught up, Mac was soaking wet, staring at the back of the Statue of Liberty. He had no idea how his car ended up in the water, but he was ticked off plenty. Running wouldn't help Joe any.

Hallelujah! Talk about watchable television. Every scene this episode had only increased the tension. The crime lab boss had been hurt, and nothing would stop the team from tracking down the culprit. Speaking of, kudos for adding AJ Buckley and Robert Joy to the opening credits. Both actors lend depth and the occasional leghtheartedness each week, making the inclusion well deserved.

Putting 'crime scene investigation' onto CSI:NY was a stroke of genius. It reminds viewers (and award scouts) what goes into the hour long drama. Perhaps these changes will set up trophy glory (hint hint).

Watching Eddie Cahill and Kathleen Munroe interact as brother and sister had a solid ring of truth. They may be tied together by blood, but they're not very close. Knowing his sister might have played a part in nearly getting Mac killed only brought Flack pain, but he did his job anyway. Flack knows from long experience people just might be telling the truth. I felt for him when Det. Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo) questioned Sam. All Flack could do was stand outside and listen.

Kathleen Munroe is supposed to be a recurring guest star. Perhaps Flack became a cop in part to prevent others from getting into trouble like her. Only time will tell if I'm right.

Adam gained a backbone! While he didn't break the law, he knew Mac should have gotten the info on Sam first. He told Mac later, but it didn't exactly help. AJ Buckley showed off a bit more range as he stated his choice (and would be made again if the opportunity arose) had nothing to do with disrespect. Gary kept silent, but he understood the fortitude behind the words. The trembling Adam was gone, replaced by a more mature young man.

This season is sure to be full of surprises, as usual. The only way to discover them all is to keep watching.

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