Tuesday, October 14, 2008

TV Recap CSI:NY "Turbulence"


Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) deals with all issues when it comes to his job. Being a cop is never easy, but heading up the NYPD crime lab puts one face first in gritty muck. No problem. Mac used to be a Marine - muck is the polite term for what happened to him.

After a homicide occurs on the plane taking Mac to D.C., the stakes get just a little higher in more ways than one. Every other team member is on the ground in New York. Thank heavens for cell phones.

Leave it to the writers to come up with another plane episode. However, the drama was light compared to the season so far. I smiled at Ed Riley (Justin Stilton), who managed to lose his head along with much of his hair.

CSI:NY has consistently created shows which use a theme from current events. They may not be not exact duplicates, but with a twist which suits both location and cast. Overdone? Not always.

In the end, Susan (Michaela McManus Law and Order:SVU) turned out as the biggest surprise. The suspect list was long, with only a few exceptions. Mac eliminated them since whoever did the deed would have to be in close proximity with the victim.

Putting Danny (Carmine GIiovinazzo) and Flack (Eddie Cahill) together was a stroke of genius. These two are practically carbon copies, except Danny is more compasionate. Watching them exchange barbs shows how good the actors are. Street savvy has always been part of their nature, which helps if a gun is about to be fired in one's face.

I realize Nelly is a singer, not actor. He's smart enough to run his club, though, why would he try and outsmart two cops? They weren't dressed like his regular clientele. While the badge was not prominently flashed, Flack is tall enough to pull his jacket back to reveal i.d. at waist level. Anyone sitting could see it easily.

Nelly did better when he and Flack were alone in the interrogation room. The 'confidential informant' should return after a bit, which will be interesting. Considering his line of work, the bits passed on just might bring Flack's sister, Sam (Kathleen Monroe). Both guest stars may take a while for a comeback.

Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) plays ball, who knew? The extracurricular activity could reactivate her love life. As a cop, she's good. She just can't pick men that well. One boyfriend, Frankie (Ed Quinn), tried to kill her and almost succeeded. Drew (Kerr Smith) used her to try and murder Mac. Big mistake.

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